Track Review – Total Anarchy

April 30, 2007

Total Anarchy

First Impression

Full-speed tech track 😀 

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TrackManiac of the Month – Heidi

April 29, 2007

Last week Heidi was announced the winner of the very first round of TrackManiac of the Month! The prize: a post dedicated only to Heidi 😀

In this post you’ll get some information on who Heidi really is, what she does for the community, some background history, and a lot of other stuff! So what are you waiting for? Read the rest of the post 😀

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Underrated Authors – Week 2

April 28, 2007

A while ago a new project was started where the community was asked to find underrated authors. Last week you all got a post here at the blog with some of the best tracksamong those that were found. The list has now grown to 106 tracks, and due to the length it’s almost impossible to test all at once and select a few. Therefore, every week a new selection is published with a few of the best underrated tracks.

So in other words, here’s a list of the best underrated authors at TMX 😀

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Screenshot of the Week – Week 17, 2007

April 28, 2007

Screenshot Collection

By Micster:


By Ninjer8:

Chromed Neon

By TimeBreaker:

Evil Snow

Screenshot of the Week


Sk84funPrzemo wins 50 coppers for this screenshot.

If you have a screenshot or two, send them to All screenshots will get published in the blog, and every week one screenshot is selected as Screenshot of the Week.

Track Review – Last Man Standing

April 28, 2007

Written by Alcator

Last Man Standing

First impression

The first impression comes from the intro. It shows a track with impressive design of high loops and surrounding platforms, but also a track with minimum scenery. The track has very “light” (elevated) feel to it.

This, however, is immediately shattered by the first seconds of the actual ride. A PF start which opens with very slow and unimpressive jump and (again) very slow high loop (high loop is a loop with extended vertical ride) — no saltos, no bounces… And what I consider a serious flaw of any PF section is the lack of custom camera view that would at least show something interesting; here, the loop doesn’t even have a bumper cam so the view passes through walls…

But let’s continue with the first impression – the first ride feels very rough, unsmooth, with nasty surprises in the form of engine-stoppers and reverse boosters.

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Spot the Differences #3 (+results of minichallenge)

April 27, 2007

In yesterdays post I announced being away for the day. I’m now back, so in this post you’ll get the results of two challenges, and a third will be started:

  • Results of yesterdays Mini-challenge (Pick a Number)
  • Results of last weeks round of Spot the Differences.
  • A new round of Sport the Differences.

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Away + Mini Challenge

April 26, 2007

Unfortunately I’m not at home today. Therefore, no results of last weeks Spot the Differences contest are posted today. Instead, these results will be posted tomorrow 😉

In order not to leave you empty handed today though, here’s a little mini-game for you:

  1. Select a number between 1 and 100.
  2. E-mail the number to to enter the contest.
  3. The goal: To be the one who has selected the lowest unique number. Example:

Both player A and player B has selected 17 as theirnumber. Player C has slected 19 as his number. Even though both player A and player B has the lowest number, player C wins as he has the lowest unique number. Of course, this is assuming no one has selected a unique number below 17.

Tomorrow, along with the Spot the Differences results, results of this little game will be posted as well 😀 The prize: 500 coppers!