TrackManiac of the Month – Heidi

Last week Heidi was announced the winner of the very first round of TrackManiac of the Month! The prize: a post dedicated only to Heidi 😀

In this post you’ll get some information on who Heidi really is, what she does for the community, some background history, and a lot of other stuff! So what are you waiting for? Read the rest of the post 😀

The Past

Heidi, 34, started, as so many others, to play TM in February/March 2006, at the time when TrackMania Nations was released. It was her husband, known by the TM community as Shady, who introduced her to the game. Heidi soon got hooked, and in November 2006 she bought TrackMania United.

“At first I hated speed, bay and coast. But now I love them all!” – Heidi

In the first month of TMU, Heidi spent a lot of time hunting for WR’s and playing in Solo mode. Then it was her turn to get her husband to play, so a month later she bought the game for him. At that time, when the United community was growing a lot, she also began driving more online to get to know people. Together with her husband she even started a few good servers.

The Present

Today Heidi is active in the =NF= team where she’s one of the leaders. There she participates in tournaments and matches, and =NF= is even in UL1 with two teams.

Within =NF=, Heidi is also active in several community track projects. She hosts several servers including the No Fear server, Lol & Short, Weekchallenge server and the UL match server, and in her spare time she still has time to make a track or two by herself.

A busy life

Besides leading the =NF= team and being highly active in other ways throughout the community, Heidi also runs a busy life in the real world. With her husband, six kids and a cat, the great deal of work she does is impressive – and hey, who wouldn’t like a mother or wife who plays TrackMania?

Did you know?

  • Heidi’s best track (Lost in Paradise) has received 49 awards on TMX
  • The =NF= team has about 30 members.
  • Heidi lives in Norway.
  • Shady, Heidi’s husband, is working on a new plugin for Aseco together with Jfreu.
  • Heidi loves to participate in tournaments and matches.
  • Heidi has been thought to be a guy, due to her being such a good driver.

Last but not least, Heidi wants to point out that TrackMania is a game for the girls as well, and she wants all the guys to ask their girls to check it out 😀


7 Responses to TrackManiac of the Month – Heidi

  1. micster says:

    Great read, hurray for Girls! 😀

  2. insane says:

    heh, nice one 😉
    gotta admit my girlfriend is playing TMU from time to time, though the worst thing is, shes doing better than me 😐

  3. Alcator says:

    My wife did play Nations, but she soon reached limits at the first loop. She’s having trouble navigating through them 😦

  4. XTMarkus says:

    my girlfriend too alcator but she still play now both games 😀
    Nations and United
    her problem is she didnt get better as on her first day and that crashes sometimes her fun and my nerves lol

  5. smok3y says:

    wow that was interesting reading. Good to know so many things about her. And 6 kids :s my gawd thats a whole basketball team, how does she manage them. Anyways good work Jozzi and good reading 🙂

  6. Dec says:

    Heidi, IMO the best girl in TM!! :] A really nice article about her!

  7. woosle says:

    hehe grats heidi! i hear it sooo often that people miss having female racers or even girls that play with them. hehe, our husbands are lucky ^^

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