February 20, 2008

I’ll be off skiing until Sunday. There probably won’t be any posting until then (in other words, not much different than the last few weeks ūüėõ ).

However, in the mean time, don’t forget the following:

  • 8th Question Quest – The quiz ends on Sunday! Make sure you’ve entered before then.
  • Coppers Donation Contest¬†– I still haven’t posted any results. That means the contest is still open for entries. Now that the blog doesn’t have any income from Track Reviews, a few donations are always welcome.
  • Traveling TM Journal¬†– Sign up for the Traveling Journal project! The idea is for TM Players to fill a few pages in a blank book, then pass the journal on to the next TM player in line. We need participants!

You’ve got enough to keep you busy, so see you next week ūüėČ


Traveling TM Journal

February 19, 2008

Tired of all the racing contests, building events, movie making and all the other TM stuff that seems to exist as countless projects? Want to get to know your fellow TM players, while also doing something different with the TM community? Then this is for you!

I started a project a few days ago, partly based on a culture class I’m taking at school. In short, I’m to release three journals – books with empty pages – to be filled in by other people. A journal can travel the world, as it’s passed on from hand to hand.

One of these journals I’d like to base on the TM community. Simply, TM players should write a few pages each in the journal (personal stuff, draw something, stick pictures in it, etc.), and in the end, we might just end up with a book in which at least a few TM players have written something down about themselves.

Think this sounds interesting? There’s a more thorough thread explaining how it works in practice at TMX. Read it here!

I hope to see at least a few people signing up for this, as I think it could be really cool ūüėÄ Comments are welcome.

Screenshot of the Week – Week 7, 2008

February 17, 2008

So here we finally go – a new collection of nice screenshots ūüėÄ If you scroll down you’ll notice that the award of 100 coppers has been removed. Why? It seemed pointless ūüėõ Becoming Screenshot of the Week is still just as possible as before, and 100 coppers more or less hardly makes much different, right?

Anyway, here we are:

Screenshot Collection

By Frizbee:

Time Catcher

By Hastings:


By Homie:


By Nibor:

By Nibor

Screenshot of the Week

Tech Inside

Congratulations TimeBreaker!

If you have a screenshot or two, send them to All screenshots will get published in the blog, and every week one screenshot is selected as Screenshot of the Week.

Question Quest #8 – Statistics

February 16, 2008

The Question Quest series continues, this time with focus on the blog itself, and statistics in particular!

Below you’ll find 14 questions for you to answer, some with multiple choice answers, others with open ends.¬†Your job is to pick an answer for each question and send the answers using our contact form (or by e-mailing them directly to

In the end, the participant with the most correct answers is crowned the winner. In case of a tie, the 14th question serves as a tie-breaker (closest to the real answer wins).


Of course, there are prizes to be won:

  • 100 coppers/correct answer (max 1300C)
  • 500 coppers for being closest to the correct answer in the tie-breaker question
  • 250, 500 and 1000 coppers to the 3rd, 2nd and 1st positions

In other words, you may win up to 2800 coppers total!


So what do you say we get this 8th roundof the QQ series started? Here are the 14 questions:

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February 10, 2008

…to let you know I’m still around!

You knew it already, so no point explaining again why posting is so slow ūüėõ However, I’d like to point out that there are still things to be posted, so stick around ūüėČ In fact, here are a few things I wanted to post this weekend, but never got around to (meaning they will appear later instead):

  • The next Screenshot of the Week
  • A new Question Quest
  • A general article on the future of games
  • The results of the donation minicontest

Soon, I promise!