We hunted underrated authors – and found them!

A while ago a new project was started aiming at finding underrated authors. Your job was to provide the names of tracks you found underrated at TMX, and indeed, you all did very well! In total, 92 tracks has been added to the list (which you can find here). And guess what: You can still add more tracks to the list!

Now, the plan was to test these tracks, find the best ones, and advertise them here at the TMU Blog. We’re still doing that, but as the list is so long, we’re splitting it up in several sections. In fact, we’re going to keep advertising tracks from the list of tracks you guys have suggested, until we’ve been through the entire list. And as I already mentioned, you guys can still add tracks, so in other words this project might never end 😛

The past few days I’ve been busy testing a part of the list , and while all tracks are very good, all can’t be advertised here. I’ve selected five tracks which are all given a written advertisement in this post, and a few others which are just linked to. These tracks are all very good, and I suggest you download and try them, and award the ones you like at TMX. After all, the point of this project is to give unknown authors some additional attention.

Please note the following:

  • Not all tracks listed have been made by unknown authors – some are just underrated tracks from otherwise known authors.
  • Only tracks considered to be underrated are listed. This means that 1) tracks with awards equal to their level (some tracks don’t deserve more than, say, 5 awards) and 2) tracks that simply aren’t good enough compared to their “opponents” aren’t advertised.

So, let’s get to it:


  • Author: The Architect
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 1 min
  • Mood: Day
  • TMX Awards: 3

Cool full-speed track with plenty of nice air CP jumps, loops and a platform and wallride section. Should make for a good WR hunt! Lovely outro.

Solid Speed

  • Author: TrackFury (duo track by Trackmaster and RedFury91)
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Island
  • Length: 1 min
  • Mood: Sunset
  • TMX Awards: 3

Very fast, very addictive, a bit difficult to orient in the beginning, but extremely awesome once you get the hang of it! Great loops and broad turns (platforms). An awesome Island track!


  • Author: SniperZ
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Sunset
  • TMX Awards: 3

Nice scenic track with some great transitions and good MT work. Cool loops, wallrides and jumps. Quite challenging (but not overly difficult) and a nice finish.

Sea Port

  • Author: TRT Community
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Bay
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Day
  • TMX Awards: 5

Some nice harbor driving, great platforms and loops, and simply just a great speedy Bay track. A lot of nice MT work, and especially the unique “Chillout Zone” is very interesting (drive the track and be relaxed for the rest of the day 😉 ).


  • Author: QuakerUK
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Sunset
  • TMX Awards: 2

Another full-speed Stadium track with some great platforms and smooth transitions. Cool wallride and loop, and the outro is good too. Should be quite good for online play.


Additionally, among the tracks already tested from the list you guys made, here are a few more you should check out:


Next week we’re back with another list of underrated tracks. And remember: YOU have the power to affect what tracks are on this list. If you know of a track you think is underrated, post the name (and author name) of that track in the comments for this post (don’t use links, spam filters might block it then), or link to the track in this thread at TMX.


6 Responses to We hunted underrated authors – and found them!

  1. T_Z_ says:

    WoW, must have been a pain to test all of those tracks. Good job Jozii 🙂

  2. JumperJack says:

    amaaaaaaaaazing work jozii!! 92 tracks to be tested… 😀

    and ZTUNTRACK 4 ROCKS!! 😉

  3. Jozii says:

    I didn’t test all 92 yet… As I said, the list is split up (aout 30 tracks tested/week), so every week I’ll test a part of it and showcase a few 😉

  4. smok3y says:

    damn awesome work jozii :O

  5. KAMIKAZE HERO says:

    EVOLVE² by king_kism

  6. Dork says:

    Hey Jozii. The link to the underrated authors thread isn’t working. Looks like you forgot to get the “External Link” address at the top of the thread. 😉

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