Article – Getting More Coppers In TrackMania United

3rd place in the TMU Writing Contest. Written by DABH.

Coppers are the in-game currency of TMU. They can be used to purchase nearly anything – tracks, skins, mods, 3d cars, you name it! Many people have found ways to sell their creations and make coppers. However, for many people, getting coppers is a serious challenge. This guide will hopefully make everyone get a little richer by discussing all the ways to earn coppers.

First off on the list of methods is, as boring as it sounds, patience. Every day you log in to TMU, Nadeo will give you anywhere from 50-80C (coppers). This only works once a day – signing out then signing in again doesn’t work! The reason that Nadeo gives different amounts of coppers to different players is one that you can take advantage of to earn extra every day. If you own TrackMania Original or TrackMania Sunrise, you can associate them with your TMU account to earn the copper bonus. If you register both games, you get 80C/day! To register your games, simply go to

Obviously, waiting isn’t the most fun way to earn coppers. Another good way to get rich is to perform official times on Nadeo tracks (click on the Trophy icon during a track). When you first do an official time on a track, it’s free. After that, it costs 10C each attempt; practice before doing an official time, or you’ll lose more coppers than you gain! Once you complete a Nadeo track with an official time, the prizes are as follows: 5C for Bronze, 10C for Silver, and 15C for Gold. There is no prize for the Author Medal or for custom tracks, but official times still provide an excellent opportunity for copper-earning.

After you’ve played the game long enough, you probably will finish all of the Nadeo tracks with official times. The next level up of copper-making is tournaments. There are a number of groups that have organized free TMU tournaments. One of the most prominent tournaments is the Vogzone TM United tournament. The site ( is originally in French, but has a pretty decent English translation (as well as a few other languages). In the Vogzone TMU competition, which restarts every 60 days, contestants simply download the map pack from the ManiaLink “Vogzone”, then upload their best times to the site.  The winner at the end of the season is the player with the shortest overall time. The top three players all get tons of coppers, so it is definitely worth a look!  For more information on tournaments, look at the “Competitions” section of the ManiaLink start page and the highly active TM-Forum Competitions Sub-Forum at

You don’t have to be the best racer out there to win coppers. In fact, the TrackMania United Blog runs many contests that don’t pertain to driving at all! If you look at the contest category, you will find a number of contests involving track design, writing, and artistic skills. The blog also operates a weekly screenshot contest, the winner of which gets a few coppers. Find out more and submit your screenshots at

If you play online a lot, there is a way to earn coppers that all racers should keep an eye out for. On many servers nowadays, there are server jackpots and lotteries. JFreu has come up with a very popular plugin that does just this. If you go onto a server with JFreu’s plugin, you will notice a colorful bar on the top of the screen with various menu buttons. One of these buttons will say U.Loto (United Lottery). You can buy tickets for the lottery for varying prices. After a certain time interval, a winner will randomly be selected. This is a very easy and effective way to earn coppers – the jackpots can reach tens of thousands of coppers on popular servers!

Last, but certainly not least, there is the hugely popular ManiaLink system. For those of you who don’t know, ManiaLinks are like mini-websites designed to work only with TMU. There are some great ManiaLink tutorials out there, but ManiaLink creation is beyond the scope of the article. Instead, we will focus on ManiaCode, one of the most important features of ManiaLinks. ManiaCodes allow you to charge coppers for access to certain content. You can set up ManiaCodes for tracks, skins (for cars, environments, buildings, etc.), replays, and joining servers. After you make your ManiaCode, you must register it with Nadeo for it to be accessible in the game. To perform ManiaCode registration, go to and log in with your TMU username (not your nickname) and TMU password. Once logged in, find the section named “Add.” The fields in this section should be filled in as such:

  • Code: This determines the URL you type in in the ManiaLink browser to get to your ManiaCode. Common examples are MyTrackDownload and ManiaLink:DownloadSkin – it can be anything as long as it doesn’t use certain characters.
  • URL of the XML file: Where you keep your ManiaCode file. This has to be on the Internet – not on your computer (unless your computer is a server).
  • Type: Select ManiaCode.
  • Coppers Cost: Can be anything up to 500C – just remember Nadeo takes 10% of your profit.
  • Beneficial Players: The players that get the coppers from your ManiaCode. Make sure Nadeo gets 10% or an error occurs.

Once you finish typing all this in, hit “Save This Code”. Your ManiaCode is now accessible from TMU, and you can make coppers off of it! The ManiaLink/ManiaCode system is fairly complex, but is probably the most profitable copper source in the game.

In this article, we looked over all the major ways to get coppers in the game. If you ever start to run out of coppers, you should definitely take advantage of the tips in this guide to get your copper stash growing! New and exciting opportunities to make coppers are always out there, so poke around the community and get working. Good luck!

13 Responses to Article – Getting More Coppers In TrackMania United

  1. alcator says:

    I have to protest against telling the people that they may earn coppers effectively using lotteries.

    Unless the lottery is completely screwed by its creators, it’s ALWAYS unfair for the bidders; they always (in total) pay more than they win. It’s quite logical – the coppers don’t just appear out of nowhere, so if betting in lotteries was indeed effective (you’d on average earn more than what you pay for participating), someone would have to donate a lot of money into it; and while Jozii is one of the people who donates plenty of coppers into blog-activities, I doubt this is the typical behavior of server admins etc.

  2. Jozii says:

    Good point, Alcator. Of course, just as in real life, you should gamble for FUN, and in a responsible manner. However, as a way of earning coppers, lotteries are worth mentioning. Sure, more people will lose than win, but it is a POSSIBILITY to earn coppers…

  3. DABH says:

    I see where you’re coming form, alcator. However, I pretty much meant to say what Jozii said. I don’t encourage gambling, however, it is an important way to earn a lot of coppers (if you’re lucky), and I wanted to be complete in my article.

  4. T_Z_ says:

    I once bought 2 tickets in the U.Loto and I won 1510 copper 😎

  5. T_Z_ says:

    I once bought 2 tickets and won 1510 coppers in the U. Loto 😎

  6. […] 3. The copper system in TMO and TMS – it was unpresent in TMN – has been updated. You will no longer need to gain coppers before you can play tracks or build tracks with a reasonable length. Copper cheats, which were present in both TMO and TMS, are no longer needed. You can gain coppers in different ways. DABH wrote an article about it earlier on this blog, read it here. […]

  7. anton says:

    hello plzz giv me 150 coppers.

  8. Jozii says:

    LoL 😛 That might not be the way to do it 😉

  9. The_Assassin47 says:

    Hey but if it works, why not.

    Im The_Assassin47, and if you want to give me coppers, please feel completely free.


    Yeah, I keep trying to get good official times, but it takes like 10 tries maybe per race.
    Only been doin for a few days, and Im only at 130000SP, so I need coppers to get that up to something decent.

  10. Wouter/W Is Cool/wouter4009 says:

    Whoa, look at my randomly generated avatar… it looks nice!

  11. Wouter/W Is Cool/wouter4009 says:

    Who deleted my post?????

  12. Watch the language and your posts won’t be deleted 😉

  13. […] either. The game has a currency, “coppers” which I’m still learning about. Here’s a great article about them. Not sure I like how you have to bet on getting an official time on a […]

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