March 29, 2008

We have plenty of screenshots laying around, but I’m not publishing any 😦 So, got any suggestions/thoughts about what do to with these? All in one post? A contest using these screenshots? Anything?

I’d love to hear your ideas on what we should do with the yet to be published screenshots 😀


Cool TM Vid

March 18, 2008

TimeBreaker has made a really cool TM video, through a special website called The video features some of TB’s own screenshots (some even featured in this blog) and some nice music.

Check it out!

TMX Screenshot Contest

March 5, 2008

You’ve obviously seen the screenshot contest at TMX already. No, really, you have. I’m telling you. Seriously!

No? Well then, head on over to the TMX SOC (?).


Question Quest #8 – Statistics (Results)

March 1, 2008

(Due to excellent nagging skills) Here are the results of the 8th QQ!

Sorry for slow posting, but no Insane, I’m not aslwwp 😛

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