Article – The Importance of Scenery

October 31, 2007

Written by Micster. 

I’m sure most trackmaniacs know that scenery is an important part of track building. It makes the track satisfying to play, blocks passages that may be used as cuts, and adds more emphasis to speed. These are just a few reasons why you would want to add any form of scenery along your tracks. But there are some track builders out there who find scenery more of an optional feature, either because they’re new to track building or because they want to make their tracks online friendly.

Whatever the reason for leaving scenery out, I’d like to show these trackers how scenery can have a drastic effect on their tracks, and that they should add at least some form of scenery around their creations to make them more enjoyable.

Here’s an example of a track without scenery:

Importance of Scenery, Part 1, Img1

I doubt many of you will know what track this is, but if you’ve played it before, you’ll know it looks nothing like this. It’s a version of one of my own Bay tracks, except this time without scenery. Only signs, certain lighting and ground buildings are kept, and even with those, the track still looks awful, and isn’t much fun to play. Need further proof? Try the “naked” version yourself:


Here’s a pic of the track with scenery:

Importance of Scenery, Part 1, Img 2

Looks much better doesn’t it? With plenty of buildings to cover up ugly spots, lots of scenery to pass under, over and inbetween, the experience is much more enjoyable. Once again, a picture can only show so much, and the track should be played in person to get a good idea on the whole concept. Here’s the track with scenery:


Hope this short article has given you a rough idea of how important scenery can be. In the near future another scenery-related article will arrive. Consider this one an introduction to what is to come 😉


Screenshot of the Week – Week 44, 2007

October 30, 2007

Screenshot Collection

By Kendal:

By Kendal 

By -Homie-:


Screenshot of the Week


TimeBreaker wins 100 coppers for this screenshot.

If you have a screenshot or two, send them to All screenshots will get published in the blog, and every week one screenshot is selected as Screenshot of the Week.

Track Review – Speed of Silence

October 29, 2007

Once again Micster is giving a Track Review as a gift, this time to Cab.

  • Track: Speed of Silence (direct download)
  • Author: Cab
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Island
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Day
  • Coppers: 5502
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 14Award
  • Award Level: Review - Green Suitable
  • TMX LB Rating: 26,785
  • Custom Content:


“You remind me of pitstep when he builds Island tracks.”– Micster

First Impression

Fast and with good transitions, but doesn’t seem to have anything extra special to take it to the top.

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Kamistar’s Birthday

October 29, 2007

All TM players are worth celebrating, right? But today we celebrate on in particular: Kamistar!

Wish Kamistar happy birthday in the comments bellow 😉

Extreme MiniTrack Contest

October 28, 2007

If you’ve read the comments of the previous post entitled “Reviews” you know that Alcator suggested a contest to get more reviews for the blog in the near future. He also introduced an idea of people making short, 15 second long tech-track for this purpose.

I decided to use this idea and a contest has already been created for this 😀 While I did decide to remove the tech-track parts and give people more freedom to be creative the idea of extremely short tracks is still valid.

To get to the case, here are the main details:

  1. People (yes, you fall into that category) create tracks following the below rules.
  2. The tracks are uploaded to TMX and posted in a specific forum thread (again, see below)
  3. The submitted tracks are judged in a three-stage process.

This may all sound very simple, and basically it is 😛 The main twist is the fact that each track may be no longer than 15 seconds long, and that, during the judging process, two to five tracks are to be reviewed here at the blog. The highest rated track is then the winner of the contest.

Prizes: Up to 5750 coppers split between the top tracks, along with the free exposure to the tracks being reviewed.

Now, as track building contests are usually best advertised at TMX I’ve already created a forum topic there, which will be the main asset of this contest. In other words, that thread is where you can get all the details of the contest as well as being the place where you submit tracks.

So if all this sounds interesting, go check out the thread at TMX and start building some short masterpieces 😀

Extreme MiniTrack Contest

Good luck and have fun!


October 27, 2007

Today I’m short of time, but as I’d still like to make a post in order not to make you confused of where I am, I decided to advertise Track Reviews some more. Since TMX went back online I’ve hardly had any requests at all. Before TMX went down in the first place, there were too many requests. What happened?

In short: Let’s see some more requests for Track Reviews 😉

Logo Contest

October 26, 2007

The idea of a logo contest came up in the comments of this weeks Screenshot of the Week, and I decided to follow up on it. TMU has a cool logo, and so does TMX, so it’s about time the TMU Blog got one as well.

So what this contest is all about is for you to make a cool, nice looking logo for the blog. I’m not talking about a banner, but a smaller logo to represent the blog. As talked about in the screenshot post, this logo could be put on screenshots, but of course it could also be put on TMU Blog creations distributed outside the actual blog (non-blog articles and projects, blog track screenshots, etc.)

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create one or several logos for the TMU Blog. Make them cool and good looking!
  2. Send your example(s) to Deadline: Friday, 2nd of November.

One winning logo will be selected, and the winner receives 1000 coppers.

There’s no limit to how many logos you can enter or how you design them.

Good luck 😉