The TMU Blog becomes the TMX Blog

January 13, 2009

In this post I’ll answer some of all your questions 😉

First off, I’m sad no one except TimeBreaker guessed that a part of the “secret plan” was to turn the TMU Blog into the TMX Blog (good job TimeBreaker), and he only did it over MSN, not here on the blog 😛 Shame on you guys!

But yes, you read that right! With all the lowered activity here on the TMU Blog, fewer posts and slightly fewer visitors, it was time to do something about it, and like I’ve said before, closing it would just be sad. So a while ago I talked to MrA over at TMX, and he was all for the idea of “re-branding” it the TMX Blog: change the name and look and make it an official part of TMX. In fact, all that was his idea in the first place!

But that’s not all. A major reason for the lack of activity is the lack of people to do the writing. As you know, I “retired” from the blog months ago, handing it over to Alcator. However, in the long run he too had to face the facts of real life, not having the time to keep the blog active. So how will moving it to TMX make things better? Well, I’m going to make a bigger deal out of letting everyone write! The plan is to invite everyone and anyone to send in their own articles, from long guides and in-depth article series to track reviews, rants  and simple links to YouTube videos along with a few comments. The content will be up to YOU – a blog for the TM players, by the TM players.

How it will work in reality is yet to be seen.

So lets sum things up and answer some more questionmarks:

  • The TMU Blog will become the TMX Blog.
  • There will be a NEW blog, not the originally planned re-make of this one.
  • The old TMU Blog will still be here to read, but no new posts will be written. Basically, the TMX Blog IS the TMU Blog, just with a new host and name.
  • The new blog will be United and Nations in one.
  • The content of new blog will, hopefully, to a great extent be written by you, the readers.
  • There will probably be more TMX-related posts, like what’s going on at the TMX forum or updates on any current TMX contest – but not too much of it!
  • There will probably be less of the old stuff, like track reviews on request and Screenshot of the Week, particularly because I will do much less writing myself, though if someone actually writes posts like that, it will most likely be published.

I also have to say that nothing is settled yet. We don’t know when the new blog will be ready, we don’t know how the whole let-the-readers-write idea will work out, we don’t know what type of content there will be, etc.

And last but not least, I of course want your feedback on all this. After all, you’re the loyal TMU Blog readers, and if you want to have a say in things, now’s the time 😀 I’m confident the new blog will be a success, if for no other reason then at least because we’ll be able to reach out to all the TMX members, United and Nations ones alike. But what direction would you like us to take, what relation to the old TMU Blog would you imagine, do you as a reader think you’ll write an article or two, and what do you think as a whole about this entire deal about moving to TMX?

Oh, and a little PS: You’re right, the new skin I added to this blog was horrible, so I’ve changed back 😉


An Exciting Future

January 6, 2009

Hi everyone! Jozii here 😀

A few days ago Alcator informed me that he won’t be able to handle the blog the way he’d like to. A shame really, and I just have to thank Alcator for the time he did spend on the blog the past few months 😀 If it wasn’t for him the blog would probably have been closed by now.

So I spent some time trying to figure out what to do. Should I look for someone else willing to take it over? Should I go back to blogging myself? The first would probably only work out for a short period, and the latter is out of the question. But then I had an idea!

I’m not going to reveal what it is just yet (as nothing is certain just yet) 😛 However, I wanted to give you a heads up that the blog will – if everything goes as planned – go through a major makeover in the coming time. I don’t know how long it will take – days, weeks or maybe just a few hours – but gradually I’ll be doing some changes and soon enough you will understand what it’s all about 😉 Just keep visiting and you’ll be the first to know!

Also, all this means that I’m back in charge, even if I don’t plan to do much blogging myself. I believe strongly in this secret idea and think the blog will see a healthy growth in the near future.

I’ll keep you posted 😉 In the mean time, feel free to guess what exactly it is I’m planning to do 😀