Eat My Dust – What’s your favorite typ of online track?

April 29, 2008

With Forever, I’ve started playing a lot more online (meaning I play an hour or two in the evening šŸ˜› ). And I’ve realized that Stadium dirt is excellent for online play! I’ve always been on the “dirt is too random to be fun”-side, and avoided it online, but now I’ve changed my mind. A possible reason could be the fact that it’s now possible to play on Nations servers even if you log in to United. Thus, I’ve played on more “Stadium only” servers. Add to this the fact that Nations players can now use dirt.

Dirt isn’t all I play, though. Technical tracks have always been a personal favorite of mine, at least in Stadium. And it still is – it even beats dirt!

Now, my problem is that, since I usually play only in the evenings (23-01 local time, that would be 21-23 GMT, I believe), most of my online buddies are offline. I could solve this in numerous different ways: get more buddies, play earlier in the day (or later, not sure when people play, in fact), or perhaps I should point outĀ a time and place (server) and invite all of you to come and play with me! (If that sounds like a good idea, please suggest servers and a suitable date and time – perhaps someone can even host a privateĀ server for us?).

For now, though, I’ll keep playing online with strangers, and perhaps meet a new friend or two. But for you guys, I have one final question: what’s your favorite type of online track?


TrackMania Forever Review – Day One

April 27, 2008

Written by Alcator.

Just a few hours after Forever became available, I downloaded it and installed it. ThisĀ review – the first part of it – describes and comments on things that I experienced during the first 24 hours.

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April 23, 2008

So, you’ve all had the time to test Forever thorughly now. Now let’s hear your thoughts! Will Forever really last… forever? Or is it just the news that is appealing, and then it will die out? And how good did Nadeo succeed anyway? Did Forever meet your expectations, or did it leave you wanting more? Would you say Nado listened to the community, or did they just add their own stuff?

Come on, let’s hear it šŸ˜€

Buddy List

April 22, 2008

TM Forever is out, but you knew that already. Since most of you guys who read this blog know each other, both from here and from TMX, let’s add each other to the in-game buddy list. You can add me (Jozii), and write your in-game login in the comments if you wish,Ā so othersĀ areĀ able to add you to their lists šŸ˜€

You can never have too many friends, at least not in a game that has a buddy list šŸ˜‰