Video – Star Dust

December 22, 2008

This post was written by Hastings.



Today we have got the pleasure of presenting to you our video Star Dust. We, that is Hastings, FoWNeOx and Dork. It is a video in a 1k style, even if there are less than 1000 cars in there. And we can assure that it is better than most of the 1k out there, that is what we worked for. ^^

This is the story:
In September, Hastings (me ^^) started to drive replays and edit the MediaTracker for the map. As I was really keen on making a video that I and everyone else should like, as I never had much time and as the Muse is rarely with me, I needed a lot of time and the project continued rather slowly, with a few breaks inbetween, but step-by-step in the right direction. In August 2008, the MT work was finally done.

Already in February 2008, I gained FoWNeOx for the project, before his big successes with his Funclip IV video Manananice and his winning presentation video for the PackardBell competition (watch them!): he would do the montage and the post-processing. At last, in September, he could put his hands on the material and start. Within three months, he set up the video and added really cool effects.

For a good atmosphere, you need the right music. During the first MT sessions, I already chose music tracks by Dork, trackmaniac and electronic music artist as “DJ Rkod”. I asked him if I could use his tracks, and he agreed. I asked him again in October if he would like to touch up the music, and he agreed again! So in November, it was his turn, and he did a grand special edit for the video. This is also why you can download the
video music.

And at last, we can present you the results.

What is special about this video?
– We are international. FoWNeOx is French, Dork is from the USA and I am German. Each of us has a different native language.
– The music was composed by a trackmaniac: Dork.
– The atmosphere is very different from most of the videos out there.

So without further ado, here are the video and music links:

Video Links:

TM-Tube :

Vimeo :

Free (limité à 30k/sec pour les non-freenaute) :

Music Links:




Have fun watching!

Trackmania Inslider 3

October 22, 2008

Our special undercover reporter is constantly peeking through keyholes at Nadeo offices and today, he brings us disturbing news about one of the nastiest unfairnesses witnessed throughout the StarTrack contest: the history of SiverT’s exclusion from Round 2 and later!

As you can guess simply by looking at SiverT’s nickname, his real name is Trevis. When Trevis was 6 years old, he once accidentally drove his bike over a remotely controlled car toy that one girl in his neighbourhood was playing with. That girl was none other than Alinoa, Nadeo’s official campaigns’ trackmaker.

Alinoa swore secretly that she will hunt Trevis down no matter where he hides and make his life the most miserable.

Because we found Alinoa’s girlie diary, we can dive deep into the dark path of her revenge. A selection of dates and records follows (parental advisory: explicit darkness!)

“My dearest diary. It’s 2 a.m. on the 25th of December, 1997, and today I sneaked into the house where Trevis and his parents live, and stole all the presents they put under the christmas tree so that he cries his eyes out when he does not find any. I hates him!”

“My dearest diary, It’s 16:37 on the 14th of February, 1999, and I am putting a video of Trevis, crying over the Valentine Card I sent him, on YouTube. The card reads “You smell!”. I hates him!”

“My dearest diary, it’s 23:54, 16th of October 2008, thursday, and I’m sneaking into Florent’s office to modify the ratings my colleagues gave to Trevis’s track so that he suffers as a loser when he drops out of the competition.”

There’s more sinister records in the diary, but those will be dealt with by the police. Meanwhile, you should try to provide Sivert with some positive feedback, such as telling him “I told you so!” You can usually find him in the Loosers Lounge, sipping ice cream with his straw. That straw is the only thing (besides clothes) that he has left after the mysterious fire in his appartment in February ’08, and after he’s been fired from his job due to the drugs found in his desk (he denies any knowledge of them, of course).

Trackmania Inslider 2

October 16, 2008

Our special reporter continues his quest to uncover dark secrets surrounding our beloved game, and this time he reveals the shocking truth about the way Nadeo are going to determine the winners of StarContest Round 1!

But before we reveal the truth, let’s explain something vital to understanding – a joke:

Question: How many psychoanalysts are needed to change a lightbulb?

Answer: Two. One who unscrews the bad lightbulb and replaces it with the functional lightbulb, and the second which holds the first one’s penis. I mean ladder.

The joke describes what is known as freudian slip – an unconscious revelation of hidden desires.

Our reporter continues…

“On October 15th, Florent from Nadeo elaborated on the way they are going to judge the tracks, and this is what we could see i the thread named Friday 17th October.. What will happen…”

As our reporter discovered later, Florent has a … thing … for photos of human thighs. And depending on the quality of the photos the competitors will send him – photos of their own thighs, of course – they will either make it to Round 2 or not!

Further investigation revealed that majority of the people behind the game are deviant in one way or another! Consider this:

Head of graphics department favors the lights to be turned ON!

And the senior programmer likes to listen to ABBA!

Stay tuned for more dark secrets!

Trackmania Inslider 1

October 10, 2008

(from our undercover reporter) On October 9th, Nadeo executives had a top secret meeting with the executives of id Software, a Zimbabwe-based warfare simulations developer. The totally classified meeting was held near the hot-dog street shop at Pont Neuf in Paris.

Our undercover reporter managed to get close enough to hear significant part of the business dialogue that took place there; his method of infiltration was to pose as the hot-dog cook.

As it turns out, id Software realised that the sales of their last simulation software, developed for the Zimbabwenian government under the codename Territory, are not going as well as projected, and that they need to enlarge their portfolio. This they plan to do by buying Nadeo and incorporating the trackmania code into their simulation’s code.

The key sequence overheard yesterday was this:

“Yeah, man! I mean – just look at all the possibilities! We would no longer be limited to 16 players, err, I mean, agents; we could have 32, or perhaps even 64 agents in one map. Erm, simulated zone of conflict.”

“Oh, yeah, that would be great, but what about the CPU usage? Wouldn’t it be too big?”

“They have s**tloads of money, surely they can purchase something better than Pentium 3, no?”

“But what about the collision model? They don’t have any friggin’ collisions in that silly racing thing! I felt really stupid when I played the game for the first time yesterday, and I was trying to avoid collisions, and then some jackass from Netherlands went straight through me! I felt… naked…”

“Ah, don’t worry about that now. Rumor has it Nadeo has yet another game, called Virtue Skier or whatever, and they have collisions in that game! So if we are buying Nadeo, we will have access to that piece as well, and we can finally make Territory as it was designed in the first place. Finally, it will have all the functionality people wanted.”

“Ah, yeah, about that… You do remember that Zimbabwe government wanted Territory to include drug effect on agents, realistic weapon reloading and true outdoor locations…?”

“Crap! Well… perhaps we could take the berserker bonus from Doom3 as the drugs effect, then we could buy Epic and incorporate Unreal Tournament’s outdoor locations too? Perhaps?”

“John’s gonna hate you for suggesting that. You know how he feels about DirectX.”

We will keep you posted when more information surfaces!

Discover TrackMania with the unofficial trailer!

May 13, 2008

Trailers are cool. Videos in general are cool. TrackMania is cool. What can possibly go wrong? Here’s an unofficial trailer by POBmaestro. I’ll let him do the talking himeslf:

In appreciation of Nadeo’s generous hard work in releasing the free upgrade Trackmania Forever, I have created an Unofficial Trackmania Trailer. This project took four weeks of many a late night while trying to balancing work and study. The trailer, released initially by Florent of Nadeo, is designed to appeal to new and veteran players alike, in that it traces TM back to its roots back with the original Trackmania, then through to the masterpiece that is TMF. In its first week of release, the trailer has already received a great deal of wonderful feedback, which has made all the efforts feel well worth it and then some more.

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Cool TM Vid

March 18, 2008

TimeBreaker has made a really cool TM video, through a special website called The video features some of TB’s own screenshots (some even featured in this blog) and some nice music.

Check it out!

JAG Media

December 2, 2007

“JAG MEDIA is a design portal which has been set up by a group of Graphics Designers whose intention is to help teams, clans or individuals with creating design concepts for TrackMania United.”

In case you’re wondering, that was a quote from the new TM fansite

JAG, standing for “Just-A-Game”, is simply a website where a number of TM players have gone together to help people create graphical stuff, such as team logos, website banners or just screenshots for tracks. This is an idea I welcome with open arms, as personally I suck at making screenshots 😛

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