April Updates!

Today three updates are brought to you:

  1. New easy contact form.
  2. Download section.
  3. Track Reviews back on track!

1. First off, a small update has been done to the Contact Page. A form has been added there which allows you to quickly e-mail the TMU Blog. Just fill it in and click “submit” 😀

2. A Download Section has been added to the sidebar (right side – you can’t miss it). This is a place where a few selected items have been added for easy access. Currently, the items include the following:

  • Major Screenshot Collection – All winning screenshots ever to be published in the Screenshot of the Week series here at the blog have been put into one zip file and made available for downloads. The file also includes the screenshots which were only posted as a slideshow in week 12, 2007 (and therefore previously not available for download) as well as a special bonus of three brand new screenshots never before published in the blog. In total, there’s 30 screenshots in the file.
  • The Path to TMU –Those of you who have been around for a while probably knows this document already, but there are plenty of new readers around, so I thought I’d make this document more easily available. It’s simply a document about TrackMania United, with a few interesting things in it. Consider it a guide or a nice add to the official game manual 😉
  • Collection of Blog Tracks – Most of you know that once in a while special Blog Tracks are released. These are tracks made for the TMU Blog by famous authors. All tracks (9 in total) released up until today have been put into one package for easy access. This includes tracks made by famous authors such as Smok3y, JumperJackAlcator and Buchi, as well as two community tracks.

In the future, I was hoping to be able to keep the this download section updated with frequent new material. I therefore encourage you all to send any material you find suitable to Jozii@pp.inet.fi, so it can be made available through this section 😉 Special stuff made for or by the blog will of course be added as well, but it won’t be enough to keep the section updated frequently – your contributions are appreciated 😀

3. Review requests are now once again accepted! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this, and yes, now you can once again request tracks to be reviewed here at the blog. However, to avoid a flood of requests, two changes have been made:

  • The amount of coppers you must pay to get your track reviewed has been raised to 500 coppers. this is NOT a greedy way to earn more coppers, but simply an attempt to avoid too many requests at once.
  • There’s now a new rule saying that you can’t request a review more than once every second month. That means that the same author can’t be reviewed twice in a period of two months.

People now have more coppers at their disposal, and the blog currently has more readers than ever, which is why these changes have been made. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop requesting reviews. However, if the waiting time grows to long once again (more than a month), the rules may change once again.

To request a review, send an in-game message to Jozii. In the message, include the 500 coppers, and don’t forget to add the name of the track (which must be available at TMX) in the actual message.


So, that concludes the tree latest updates. Hopefully you’ll find them useful and satisfying. Any feedback is always welcome 😉


3 Responses to April Updates!

  1. djoszee says:

    Hey, now that is a nice widget! Is it new, or do you know of a page with loads of wordpress widgets. Would be nice if you could reply, since I helped you as well 😉

  2. djoszee says:

    never mind, I just read the news 😀

  3. Jozii says:

    Yeah, it was in the news section at WordPress’ frontpage 😉 Isn’t it cool? 😛

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