To help the TMU Blog grow there are numerous things you can do. On this page you’ll find a few of the best ways for you to help increase the activity on the blog, thus increasing others interest in the blog.

1. Visit us frequently

The most important and easiest way for you to support the TMU Blog is to visit it frequently. The blog is updated on a daily basis and new ideas and content are frequently presented, all to keep you interested.

2. Leave comments

When you have read a post in the blog, you can comment it and share your thoughts on the topic. This helps the blog remain active while also providing more material for other readers. Make your comments meaningful, though. Spamming is not tolerated!

3. Donate coppers

Donate coppers to be used as prizes in future contests and challenges. You can do this be sending an in-game message to “Jozii” with any amount of coppers as a donation. All donations are appreciated and put to good use!

4. Write and get published

Write your own track review, article, essay, real-life experience, guide, or anything else related to TMU and suitable for publish in this blog. Send you work to and, unless it’s completely useless (which I’m sure it won’t be 😉 ), it will get published as soon as possible. Of course, you will get full credit for you work.

Note: If you keep providing us good material and content to publish in the blog, you can become an official “Author”. Authors have their own weekly, bi-weekly or monthly spot at the blog.

5. Send screenshots

Here at the blog there are weekly publications of screenshots in the so called “Screenshot of the Week”. By sending one or several of your own in-game screenshots (yes, you may “improve” them using any kind of suitable program) you will have a great chance of having your screenshot(s) published here in the blog. Also, if your screenshot becomes Screenshot of the Week, you will be awarded 100 coppers.

Send your screenshot(s) to

6. Participate in challenges and contests

Every now and then contests or challenges are held at the blog. By participating in these, you help the blog remain active. Also, most of our contests and challenges offer great prizes for you to win!

7. Give feedback

Hearing from readers is always great. Feel free to send your thoughts about the blog to Everything will be read and replied to, and your comments will help the blog improve and become bigger and better.

8. Link to us

If you have just about any place on the web where you are able to link to the TMU Blog (a forum, a website, a blog, a profile, …), please do so. By linking to the blog you bring more readers, thus making the writers efforts meaningful. In return, a link back to your site will of course be placed here at the blog.


Your efforts and contributions to the blog are appreciated, and hopefully you’ll will remain a loyal reader in the future 😀

– TMU Blog


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