I’m currently ill and thus I spend more time in bed and less online than I usually do. That should explain why I didn’t post anything yesterday. Also, the logo contest has now ended. More information on this is to follow tomorrow. Now to todays post: 

TM fan sites are always fun to visit and investigate. Thus, today I’ll hint you towards one that you might find interesting: Homie’s own personal site!

So what’s so special about this page? Well, it contains a bit of this and that from the TM world, ranging from Homie’s own tracks to a forum. There are even a few guides in the form of step-by-step articles, a bit like here at the TMU Blog. Let’s have a more thorough walkthrough, shall we?


The front page is the gate to the rest of the website. On it you’ll find regular news updates, links to other pages on the website and general stuff about the site.

There’s also a chat feature 😀


Homie’s website offers both readable material as well as images and videos. There’s a page for wallpapers, created by Homie himself, and another one for videos. Furthermore there’s a list of signs for you to use as well as – and this is what I find the most interesting – a tutorial page. The latter features a few step-by-step guides on how to disable sign advertisement, use custom music, etc.

There’s also a contest page which links to various TM related contests.

Downloadable stuff

You can find a list of some of Homie’s best tracks to download.


Another thing I like a lot is the fact that Homie offers “services”, just like we do here. This services include beta-testing of tracks, track advertisement, publishing of your own articles, etc. Each service has a fee of 100 or 250 coppers.


Last but not least, there’s a forum with a lot of potential. Go register!

Now you know what Homie’s website has to offer, but I suggest you go check it out yourself. It’s a nice place with stuff that can interest everyone. Enjoy!


3 Responses to Homie.p-w-h.de

  1. Homie says:

    Yeah, thx for this awesome Review!
    So, let’s hope that it will be more visited 😀

  2. alcator says:

    That web needs a footer – something that would be closing all pages; now, they all end too abruptly, it’s not sure they loaded completely, it seems more like they are “cut”.

  3. Homie says:

    Ok, thx I’ll look what I can do 😉

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