Track Review – RevelationS

  • Track: RevelationS (direct download)
  • Author: Buchi
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Island
  • Length: 30 sec
  • Mood: Sunrise
  • Coppers: 3333
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 34Award
  • Award Level: Reveiws - Yellow Slightly overrated
  • TMX LB Rating: 41,777
  • Custom Content: Music (Iron Maiden – Be quick or be Dead), signs


“Loading Intro … Aborted” – From the intro that claims it doesn’t exist.

First Impression

Fast but slide-free Island. Requires precision.


Track Design

Island is by nature an Environment where a lot of sliding is and should be required. Making slide-free Island tracks is an art, but the downsides are many. In this track, especially the length (assuming it’s so short because it was hard making it longer and maintaining the slide-free effect) and CP respawns are affected by this – the latter is boring (starting from 0 km/h on an uphill platform, for example) and at times even impossible.

However, no-slide Island has its ups as well, which mainly shows in the “Fun Factor” section below. Looking away from the sliding aspects, RevelationS as a track is good but not excellent. There are some cool transitions, but as the track is of the shorter kind you’re left thinking “was that it?” as you pass the finish line.

There are some interesting stunts adding to the design, but none are really that impressive. The start, making decent use out of the otherwise underused (and huge) X-block, is interesting the first couple of time (precision required in order not to lose speed), but in the long run gets long and frustrating. A nice idea, but not interesting enough.

As a whole the design of this track is good, but when you look further into it it’s not that special.

Rating: 78%


While not excessive, there’s still enough scenery to keep you happy, but just as with the design there’s simply not enough of it…

Rating: 71%


Intro: Ehm, hmm, I’m not sure what to say here 😛 When I first saw the cool “Loading Intro” effects (blinking text on black background) I thought to my self “wow, loos like the intro is going to be great”. Then the message “Aborted” appears and the intro ends. As much as I hate it, I’ll have to treat this as a negative effect, but the track doesn’t suffer as much as it would if there was no intro at all, as after all an intro claiming it doesn’t exist is kind of cool 😛 

In-game: Nothing, not even when it’s needed (there’s a wall-ride in which I had liked a cam change).

Outro: Besides the excessive use of trails, I kind of like the outro. A simple but good view of the race. However, some cool effects would be needed to make it excellent, and at times the angles do seem a bit too simple to be interesting enough.

In total, I believe the MT work lacks quite a bit. The track is worthy of a lot more than this.

Rating: 50%


The start and the possibility of not sliding throughout the entire track are two great factors giving this track more innovation and originality. Still not over the top, though.

Rating: 74%

Fun Factor

I haven’t been too friendly towards RevelationS so far, but I must admit that it’s a track pretty fun to drive. The design is good enough for the average driver to be entertained, and when digging deeper there’s a lot of challenge in the fact that you need precision to drive perfectly, making the track a tad bit more difficult, and that you can aim for a ride completely slide-free (which is harder than it sounds).

Quite fun and with re-use potential, in other words.

Rating: 86%


In the end I’m afraid I have to say that RevelationS probably is living on the name of its author (at least if you consider the high amount of awards it has at TMX). I find it to be a bit overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great track, but it is too short, seems to lack something, and is a bit too average as a whole (especially when talking about MT work!).

But then again, it does have its good sides. It’s fun, challenging and after all has a pretty good design.

Final Rating: 75% StarStarStar (Good)


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11 Responses to Track Review – RevelationS

  1. Buchi says:

    At first, thx for the Review 😛

    I gonna say something to the major points here, if thats allowed 😉
    1) CP Restarts
    Of course, you are right, they dont work pretty well, but all work as far as I know. But CP restarts are nothing I too much care of in my Tracks, in 95% of the CPS they work, but I never look for great smooth and fast or whatever ways to make here. I build Tracks to race through, I dont really care for the ones who have to respawn a 1000 times and i am pretty much sure hardly anyone has to respawn often on that specific track. Its ok for me to take it as a minus, but thats nothing i will ever change in maybe following tracks…
    2) The Lenght
    Its short, ok, another minus…. again something i thing is ok. What i dont really like to read was the sentence ‘was that it’… if you drive this one fullspeed no slide, its a cool feeling – at least for me.
    3) The X-Block
    totally agree with you. it becomes a bit boring with some tries, anyway, its hardly ever used and i used it well imo
    4) Scenery
    Well, that may be the part which i am not satisfied. I put quite some time into scenery and tried to make it look great. I am no real scenery lover and cant build it like squirrel or micster, but i like my scenery here very much. Actually, 71% isnt much for me here, thats pretty sad 😦
    5) MT
    You gave me 50%. So, tell me what has a track to have to get less… ^^
    For me, MT is something more or less useless in most parts. I hate making Intros, dont like making Outros. Normally I add them to my tracks but i dont give a fuck about how they are.
    The ‘missing’ camchange isnt missing for me. I dont like Cam3 in Island Wallrides, thats the simple reason why I havent added it 😛
    6) Award and Stuff
    Well, I myself dont consider it overrated. Of course, it has much more awards than tracks which are about as good from other authors. But TMX showed us all, that its not really possible to compare tracks from different authors. So I usually compare all my Tracks with other tracks of mine. And in the case of RevelationS, its under the average…

    All in all I am happy with the review. And compared with the time i put in this track, 75% is a great result. Sad that my work on the scenery wasnt honoured much, but life goes on 😛
    Thx much, gonna request another review maybe when they are open again 😉

  2. micster says:

    The scenery was fine for me. 🙂

    And Buchi, you don’t know how long it took me to understand the transition after the first CP. xD

  3. Buchi says:

    Hmm, I already thought it may be a bit unexpecting…. but there wasnt a real chance to set a sign which helps much there…

  4. alcator says:

    Buchi, I tried to play your track before I worked on the video (that is before I saw the replays). It took me 7 tries to figure that I’m supposed to jump onto the X thing. This is where an Intro might have helped. Also, reconsider using such strong expressions like “I hate intros”, it doesn’t really depict you in a good way — hatred is a very strong emotion and should not be used “lightly”.

  5. Buchi says:

    Oh damn, that should have been cause you didnt saw the sign.. I placed and it showed where to go, down right 😉

    Well, and what can I say… in my mapping beginnings I liked doing Intros, but now it comes worse and worse. And if I use the word ‘hate’ once in Trackmania belonging things, then when I talk about Intros.
    Actually I could have shown the Way at the Start, but I personally havent thought about problems here, as I set that sign which shows exactly what to do.

    btw. thx all for the feedback, I will use it when I ever use the editor again, kisses and hugs xD

  6. Jozii says:

    Well, I still stick to my original thoughts, and it seems you, Buchi, already know these flaws but just don’t want to improve them because, well, you simply don’t like them (such as MT). I have to say that this is the main reason I consider the track overrated…

    The scenery is a matter of taste I guess, and again I stick to what I said in the review 😉

    When it comes

    And the X-block, I didn’t find it too challinging to understand what to do. Only the first try was a mistake 😛 After all, there are two signs pointing you in the right direction.

    How to score less than 50% for MT work you ask? Well, no MT work at all is about a 0 to maybe 15 or even 20%. To score a 0 there must be a need for MT work (confusing track, cam changes in stunts, etc.), but if there’s no need you can score slightly higher. To get less then 50 but not completely to the bottom, the MT work has to be even worse than in this track 😛

    Oh, and about the cam change (or rather lack of it) at the wallride: When you in 3rd person view expereicen scenery crashes, it’s a clear sign that a cam change is needed…

  7. Buchi says:

    Of course you stick to what you said, I believe you put more than enough work into your Reviews, so its ok. And its not the point that I want to change my percentage of something, its just what I would say to this track. Of course its mine, but i try to be as objective as possible…
    And finally, of course I know about the MT flaws… I guess not one personon earth is possible to make great MT if he totally dislikes to do it. Its for me much too time consuming to make great MT. The Intro this Time was copied, but I think its a nice gag, better than nothing, as its very short as well, so it doesnt keep you away from the track too long.

    Camchange… of course I know that most races prefer Cam3 here, but I dont. So if I set this trigger, I am forced to drive Cam3, if I dont set it, as I did, everyone can set Cam3 manually with one click on any Button. This is easy doable for a pad driver, just put the Cams on the shoulder buttons of your pad, you get used to it in 5 Minutes.

    And as I said, this is a totally understandable minus point, which I already calculate with, just as the whole MT. 😉

    Oh, and I wont answer again today, I am away, hope to see some new interesting comments to discuss about 😉
    Nice discussion here 🙂

  8. djoszee says:

    Tell me, how can a track with 34 awards be slightly overrated? I’d say it’s quite a bunch of awards… To me, a track with less then 10 awards is underrated (if it’s good) and with less then 20 it’s slightly underrated…

  9. Jozii says:

    Djoszee, 10-20, even 25, is what I would think this track has earned. 34 is too much, in my opinion 😉

  10. alcator says:

    djoszee: As jozii says, it’s “Is it getting what it SHOULD be getting, or has it got more / less?”

  11. djoszee says:

    Nm I misread, though it said underrated…
    Remind me to drink more coffee next time 😉

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