Logo Contest, Part 2

As you may or may not remember, a while ago a logo contestwas started to find a suitable logo for the blog. There were some good entries, but now it’s up to you to vote for which one you think should represent the blog. I’ve selected three of my favorites:

Logo 1#1 (by Tonic_91)

Logo 2#2 (by Tonic_91)

Logo 3#3 (by TimeBreaker)

We could do a sophisticated vote now, but let’s make it simple: State in the comments which of the above you think should be the official TMU Blog logo – #1, #2 or #3?

The logo with the most comments and/or best arguments for why that logo should be selected wins 😀


26 Responses to Logo Contest, Part 2

  1. Emil Hjelm says:

    #1 Simple, clean, but still interesting. N1!

  2. HeaH says:

    #1 – simply because it looks best 😉

  3. Homie says:


    Sorry TB xD

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    defnitely #1
    hm as a thumbnail, the text looks like “TMU BEOG”
    #2 is too simple, #3 is just ugly (jozii forced me to do it.. making logos hardly sucks )
    #3 looks like a cd rom as a thumbnail 😀

  5. Buchi says:

    #2 is my favourite

  6. Skyline says:

    Damn, such a hard choise for me between #1 and #2 (sorry TB 😛 )
    So my choise is…

  7. T_Z_ says:

    #1 is clearly the best imo, the car looks great in that rail and lol TB 😛 😛

  8. Cab says:

    #2 ’cause i don’t like the blur on the first 😉

  9. djoszee says:


    2 is too plain and I just don’t like 3 cuz I think it makes no sence. You’d better pick no1 Jozii 😉

  10. insane says:

    1 for sure, cause the bay car is shown 😛

  11. Kendal says:

    I vote for #2.
    Simple and plain.
    And it can be used for a variety of things.

  12. TimeBreaker says:

    #1 wins welldeserved, still i miss the *logo*

  13. alcator says:

    NONE. The current logo is much better.

  14. KiWiNiNjA says:

    Simple is best! xD

  15. Aaerox says:

    #2 is the best…

  16. Ravager says:

    givng my voice for the #1

  17. HeaH says:

    Alcator, what’s the current logo?

  18. alcator says:

    the thing at the top of this page?

  19. HeaH says:

    That’s the banner…

    A TMU blog logo is like the TMX logo, something to put at pics and such

  20. Jozii says:

    Yeah, what Heah said 😀

    22 comments this fast? 😛

  21. Falà says:

    #2..simply the best 😀

  22. ninjer8 says:

    definatley the 1:st

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