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This post was written by Hastings.



Today we have got the pleasure of presenting to you our video Star Dust. We, that is Hastings, FoWNeOx and Dork. It is a video in a 1k style, even if there are less than 1000 cars in there. And we can assure that it is better than most of the 1k out there, that is what we worked for. ^^

This is the story:
In September, Hastings (me ^^) started to drive replays and edit the MediaTracker for the map. As I was really keen on making a video that I and everyone else should like, as I never had much time and as the Muse is rarely with me, I needed a lot of time and the project continued rather slowly, with a few breaks inbetween, but step-by-step in the right direction. In August 2008, the MT work was finally done.

Already in February 2008, I gained FoWNeOx for the project, before his big successes with his Funclip IV video Manananice and his winning presentation video for the PackardBell competition (watch them!): he would do the montage and the post-processing. At last, in September, he could put his hands on the material and start. Within three months, he set up the video and added really cool effects.

For a good atmosphere, you need the right music. During the first MT sessions, I already chose music tracks by Dork, trackmaniac and electronic music artist as “DJ Rkod”. I asked him if I could use his tracks, and he agreed. I asked him again in October if he would like to touch up the music, and he agreed again! So in November, it was his turn, and he did a grand special edit for the video. This is also why you can download the
video music.

And at last, we can present you the results.

What is special about this video?
– We are international. FoWNeOx is French, Dork is from the USA and I am German. Each of us has a different native language.
– The music was composed by a trackmaniac: Dork.
– The atmosphere is very different from most of the videos out there.

So without further ado, here are the video and music links:

Video Links:

TM-Tube :

Vimeo :

Free (limité à 30k/sec pour les non-freenaute) :

Music Links:




Have fun watching!


8 Responses to Video – Star Dust

  1. Alcator says:

    I have to apologize for the shape of this article, but WordPress has been giving me headaches about this article – as soon as I formatted it properly, it would be un-viewable!

    BTW – use Firefox and Linkification to change text adresses to links.

  2. Aaerox says:

    I like the ending stunt! Very impressive and stunning. :O

  3. dutchman says:

    Great video! it really is a class of its own and stands off the a-dime-a-dozen k-project replicas

  4. Shuffle says:

    Try searching on rapidshare, megaupload, badongo, zshare and mediafire via

  5. ODS says:


    Wonderfull Video
    Great Work Guys
    One of Best TM Video ive seen
    Perfekt Quality
    some cool Cameras
    Nice Ideas
    Cool Musik Video Play


  6. ohei2 says:

    It’s raining cars… LOL

    Great video with fitting music. Well done.

    The simplest ideas are often the best. I like to video/music stops most.

  7. […] Postprocessed vid via TMUnited blog […]

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