StarTrack Aftermath

PapyChampy became the ultimate winner of the StarContest today, with +0.01 gain against Dakkon, and Mr.A finishing third. As the competition is now over, it is somewhat hard to access the list of tracks submitted, so if you want to play some (or all) of the submitted tracks, try this link (provided by Mr.A). Pappy’s track is now showcased on TMX, so hop in and try it if you haven’t yet!

The StarContest brought many awesome tracks which I hope will make it to the final campaign, but it also raised many questions or created some commotion; on multiple occasions, the judges’ decisions or remarks about tracks caused the TMX users to stare in disbelief, some concerns appeared about the (lack of) difficulty in tracks supposed to be hard.

Nonetheless, the resulting campaign should be enjoyable, especially if Nadeo does indeed shift some tracks to easier or harder “layers” (such as shifting a C track to B or D category) in order to balance each group.

For the TMUblog, the competition provided plenty of writing opportunities, so now I’ll have to find something else to write about. *Sigh*


4 Responses to StarTrack Aftermath

  1. djoszee says:

    thanks for all your nice articles alcator!
    Two thumbs up

  2. Alcator says:

    Thank you!

  3. Jozii says:

    Yeah, great work 😀 And congrats to PapyChampy 😉

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    Yes, this contest really brought some fresh news into the blog ! You did a great job, every article was worth the minutes reading it!
    What else could you write about now..maybe an interview with PC and other winners (and losers^^) from Startrack contest? Maybe fairytale-jozii can write a story which does at least stay slightly to the TM universe? What about the undercover-reporter^^

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