Startrack reporter 13

The following builders made it through to round 3. They now have 1 track to build each.

  • smok3y
  • DaKKon
  • Dengel
  • HawkGer
  • MrA
  • ~KiWiNiNjA~
  • PapyChampy
  • pjw
  • Rax
  • Snakey3000
  • JumperJack
  • TimeBreaker
  • Ricardo Rix
  • Nitryx
  • Qbert
  • The Idler
  • Ichirou
  • Phil’sTracks
  • ratracer
  • 57060v2

They are ordered by the number of awards on TMX, with smok3y having over 2.300 awards, and 57060v2 having less than 30. What a spread!

Please remember – from this round onward, Nadeo will take into account the feedback of the community on their tracks, so if you have the chance, try as many of the tracks as you can and provide feedback about how it played. It’s not like “Every award is a positive point and every comment without award is a negative point”, it’s more like “Do the critics criticise the driving itself, or some minor things such as replay camera?”


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