Startrack reporter 9 – Round 2 opening soon!

As it turns out, there will be 63 participants in round 2, each building 2 tracks.

The most probable reason for this 50% increase in participant count is the somewhat low submissions count for Round 1 (only 135 out of 215 tracks were submitted).

For each environment, these participants will be building:

  • 9 start tracks (very simple, 15-20 seconds long)
  • 3 easy tracks (simple, wide, no “stunt combos”, 20-30 seconds)
  • 3 medium tracks (a bit of a challenge, 30-45 seconds)
  • 3 hard tracks (challenging, 45-60 seconds)

The assignments should come up any minute now!


3 Responses to Startrack reporter 9 – Round 2 opening soon!

  1. -Winnie- says:

    Can’t wait until the results : it’s too hard… :p

  2. Hylis says:

    the reason of increased participant is the quality of builders. They deserve to have their track in the campaign and to make it to round 2. however, round 2 will be now more cruel. From 63 to 20.

  3. MrA says:

    Yes the point hylis makes there is very valid. Originally the plan was to have 40 tracks from round 1, but the judges wanted to increase this seeig as the quality allowed it….

    If you compare 63 builders making 2 tracks and 40 builders making 3 tracks, the number of new tracks is almost the same.

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