Startrack reporter 7 – Round 1 closed

So, in the end, 135 tracks (out of 215 assigned) were submitted for Round 1, with Coast being the most competitive environment with 24 tracks.

Surprisingly enough, even though there were the most preferences for Stadium, this environment didn’t score very well in terms of submissions! It feels a little strange that so many wanted to build on Stadium, and in the end, many of them don’t build anything even though they got their choice.

Now we have to wait till friday (precise time has not yet been announced), when Nadeo will tell us who the 40 “winners” of round 1 are. They will then get to build three more tracks in roughly the same amount of time, so if you think you do have a chance, make sure you get your vacation, send your wife and children away on an Alaskan trip (oh wait, no! Not Alaska, that’s were the vicepresidential candidate is from, that might be risky!), and make sure your motherboard doesn’t fry or something. Lives are at stake here!

See you on friday!


4 Responses to Startrack reporter 7 – Round 1 closed

  1. JumperJack says:

    hmm, 135 submissions is not really much… :s

    and i guess that the coming four weeks might just become quite hectic, because of the many tracks to be built in such a short time!! ^^

  2. XTMarkus says:

    agree with that with JJ šŸ˜¦
    for me its just a shame that so much Tracker didnt take their part at all, its like ordering Pizza and then leave home!
    realy, for me such things say enough about the tracker who dont done his job for that contest…some might realy have a busy RL like Crooms in this time…but i cant believe all had this.

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    I am sure many stadium builders found it too hard to stay in the difficulty-level,since stadium has the most-advanced controls with the different sliding types, which most of the newbs dont know of course.
    But I agree that 135 submissions are a bit few, maybe Nadeo will run the first round again to get more tracks to chose from. Round 2 is for sure the hardest one, many will fail I guess, but I hope there’ll come out some really nice campaigntracks in the end^^
    The Startrack report is really nice to stay up-to-date, i just read the other parts.
    What about the “Things I learnt..”-series?^^

  4. Alcator says:

    TB: yep, the TILT will continue, but StarContest has the right of way šŸ™‚

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