Startrack reporter 6

With 280 minutes till deadline, there are still about 90 tracks unaccounted for.

The weakest group so far is “Rally-Easy”, with only 3 competitors; the strongest environment is Coast (24 submissions so far).


  1. many users wrote the name of their track wrongly in the intro! Please keep in mind that IF you want to display the trackname in intro, you should (are actually only allowed to) use the form “Star[Environment][Diff]-[loginname]” or “Star[Environment][Diff]-[loginname] by [TMX username]”. So, for example, for me this would be either “StarCoastC-alcator” or “StarCoastC-alcator by ATP Alcator“. Many authors used “StarCoastC by Alcator”, but that’s wrong, as it creates the impression that the letter “C” is what differentiates that track from all others.
  2. Difficulty improved significantly after Nadeo’s “panic call” (“Too difficult!”) and “rejection threat” (“No track qualified so far!”) — many authors reworked their tracks, removed reverse boosters, widened turns and wallrides, removed combo stunts and provided alternate routes. Community feedback is great, people are testing each other’s tracks and providing feedback on details and overall feels.
  3. Some people have obviously difficulty reading. In four tracks, I saw FX Blur used during intro/outro, some authors do not respect the 5 second hard limit on intro duration…

The next four and a half hour may see some rushed tracks, so stay tuned!


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