Trackmania Inslider 1

(from our undercover reporter) On October 9th, Nadeo executives had a top secret meeting with the executives of id Software, a Zimbabwe-based warfare simulations developer. The totally classified meeting was held near the hot-dog street shop at Pont Neuf in Paris.

Our undercover reporter managed to get close enough to hear significant part of the business dialogue that took place there; his method of infiltration was to pose as the hot-dog cook.

As it turns out, id Software realised that the sales of their last simulation software, developed for the Zimbabwenian government under the codename Territory, are not going as well as projected, and that they need to enlarge their portfolio. This they plan to do by buying Nadeo and incorporating the trackmania code into their simulation’s code.

The key sequence overheard yesterday was this:

“Yeah, man! I mean – just look at all the possibilities! We would no longer be limited to 16 players, err, I mean, agents; we could have 32, or perhaps even 64 agents in one map. Erm, simulated zone of conflict.”

“Oh, yeah, that would be great, but what about the CPU usage? Wouldn’t it be too big?”

“They have s**tloads of money, surely they can purchase something better than Pentium 3, no?”

“But what about the collision model? They don’t have any friggin’ collisions in that silly racing thing! I felt really stupid when I played the game for the first time yesterday, and I was trying to avoid collisions, and then some jackass from Netherlands went straight through me! I felt… naked…”

“Ah, don’t worry about that now. Rumor has it Nadeo has yet another game, called Virtue Skier or whatever, and they have collisions in that game! So if we are buying Nadeo, we will have access to that piece as well, and we can finally make Territory as it was designed in the first place. Finally, it will have all the functionality people wanted.”

“Ah, yeah, about that… You do remember that Zimbabwe government wanted Territory to include drug effect on agents, realistic weapon reloading and true outdoor locations…?”

“Crap! Well… perhaps we could take the berserker bonus from Doom3 as the drugs effect, then we could buy Epic and incorporate Unreal Tournament’s outdoor locations too? Perhaps?”

“John’s gonna hate you for suggesting that. You know how he feels about DirectX.”

We will keep you posted when more information surfaces!


2 Responses to Trackmania Inslider 1

  1. JumperJack says:

    haha, i’m wondering how this story will continue. ^^

    any release date announced for territory?! 😉

  2. MrA says:

    Worrying stuff!

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