Things I learnt from TM 2 (Mr. A)

Mr.A from TMX faced the challenge vigorously and here comes his hepta-set (is that even word?)

1. Everything in the world is made of titanium.

2. In the American desert you can drive under a lake and re-emerge the otherside still dry.

3. If you work in a building with a flat roof, dont pop out to catch some rays else you might get run over.

4. What goes up, must come down… but only eventually!

5. If you wear glasses the world looks more 3D.

6. Poles usually grow up out of the middle of the road… go figure!

7. When you reach you destination, no need to stop, just take your foot off the gas and see what you hit.

Mr.A decided that the ideal person to carry the FUEL BARREL is >>Tuta<<, so… we’re waiting, Tuta!

In other news, Hillary Clinton fractured her dog, and the “Five into One challenge round 2” (see the side panel for a link) is still open!


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