Question Quest #8 – Statistics (Results)

(Due to excellent nagging skills) Here are the results of the 8th QQ!

Sorry for slow posting, but no Insane, I’m not aslwwp 😛

  1. A – Akismet has blocked approximately 1000 spam comments.
  2. B – TMX has generated approximately 13000 hits.
  3. Examples of websites that have linked to the TMU Blog:,,,,,, and more…
  4. C – The post “TMX Track List #7” has received the most hits among the three posts listed.
  5. E – The most popular post ever was written by Alcator. It was the MediaTracker Camera Clips Tutorial. (Yes, the “E” was a mistake).
  6. ABeyonD, by JakeOIL, is the track that has received the most clicks.
  7. See the right-side menu bar.
  8. CTracks I is the page that has been visited most frequently.
  9. A – Approximately 2900 comments, not including blocked spam, have been made.
  10. C – Among the listed, “TrackMania United Key” is the post common search term.
  11. B – The blog has received approximately 6000 hits through search engines.
  12. C – Not including the QQ post or any posts after it, 449 posts have been made at the blog.

Tie Breaker (During week 38 in 2007, how many visits did the TMU Blog have?): 2626


Here are the top 3: 

  1. DABH – 10 correct answers (4000 coppers)
  2. Heah – 9 correct answers (1400 coppers)
  3. Insane – 6 correct answers (850 coppers)

Some of the guesses were really funny, but the prize for best failure goes to Micster, who couldn’t answer, among others, question number 7 (doh!) 😛

You will receive your prizes soon 😀


6 Responses to Question Quest #8 – Statistics (Results)

  1. micster says:

    Woo, I suck. 😛

  2. Alcator says:

    Oh, yeah… The favourite article is mine! 🙂 How sweet.

  3. DABH says:

    Yay 😀 Nice job micster 😛

  4. HeaH says:

    Hah, nice job Micster xD

    Thanks for the prizes, was fun 🙂

  5. insane says:

    Wow jozii, you made it! 😛
    Nah, just kidding, thx for the prizes (i’ll start nagging again, if you don’t send them in a week, i still didn’t get quite a lot of my coppers i won at the forum games xD) and for the cool games.
    And a huge gg to micster, extraordinary skills 😛

  6. Jozii says:

    There are coppers (besides these) you haven’t received yet? :O I knew I often forget, but I used to make frequent checks to that I didn’t miss something. Let me know what, where and how much, and you’ll get your coppers 😉

    Glad you liked the fact that I finally posted the results though 😛

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