Traveling TM Journal

Tired of all the racing contests, building events, movie making and all the other TM stuff that seems to exist as countless projects? Want to get to know your fellow TM players, while also doing something different with the TM community? Then this is for you!

I started a project a few days ago, partly based on a culture class I’m taking at school. In short, I’m to release three journals – books with empty pages – to be filled in by other people. A journal can travel the world, as it’s passed on from hand to hand.

One of these journals I’d like to base on the TM community. Simply, TM players should write a few pages each in the journal (personal stuff, draw something, stick pictures in it, etc.), and in the end, we might just end up with a book in which at least a few TM players have written something down about themselves.

Think this sounds interesting? There’s a more thorough thread explaining how it works in practice at TMX. Read it here!

I hope to see at least a few people signing up for this, as I think it could be really cool 😀 Comments are welcome.


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