Track Review – TrickOrTreat

Written by Pjotr.

  • Track: TrickOrTreat
  • Author: Lordmzn 
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Coast
  • Length: 1 min
  • Mood: Night
  • Coppers: 4011
  • Difficulty: Review - Green Beginner
  • TMX Awards: 9Award
  • Award Level: Reveiws - Yellow Slightly underrated
  • TMX LB Rating: 4.231
  • Custom Content: 1500 copper contest (find secret areas)


“Life is full of possibilities and chances”


First Impression

What on earth does a TMU Coast track have to do with Halloween, was my first impression. Well the GPS say it all: the copper contest is related to a Halloween search. Find the hidden elements. This makes this track a “Ghost” track instead of a Coast track J. Concentrating on the track itself it seems a well designed smooth track with some really nice original ideas. Lets Trick or Treat!


Track Design

Starting the track gives you the opportunity to join the trick or treat copper contest. Concentrating on the track, I will skip this part for now. So I step on it and have to focus immediately on the first jump. This one is a smooth and not very difficult 3 step jump. On high speed you will use a finish as a ramp and don’t forget to avoid a lamp pole. After a short coast ride you’ll enter the tunnel. I found it hard to keep my speed but a booster directly gives me the possibility to race on. After some nice small jumps and curves you’ll have to jump into the loop in an amazing way. Really creative and not very difficult to do.  (Although the idea (according to Lordmzn) is  ‘stolen’ , this only confirms the beauty of it).

The loop itself is easy going and ends with a very smooth jump (if you’ve got enough speed). The following left turn if very tricky due to the high speed. Don’t forget to keep on the track while chewing your gum! Finishing the track is simple with a nice jump conquering the narrow road obstacle.

Rating: 86%


During the whole track the scenery is well designed. Also while going off-road searching for candies the scenery is still very nice. No signs are used, instead of that pop ups are coming on your screen so you can see where to go. I don’t know if everybody will like this kind of signs. When I try to look at the pop up, my car will crash…

Try it and judge for yourself.

Rating: 79%


Intro: Good intro, showing some shots of the track. In the mean time it’s trying to tell a story about the possibilities of life.

In track: When you are just driving the track there are the usual camera changes in the loop. It you go searching for the hidden pumpkins: nice pop ups will appear when you find them.

Outro: Cool replay! Playing with colors, good camera views, starting with a ‘helicopter view’ followed by good tunnel work.  Fun to watch the whole replay.

Rating: 78%


If I ask you to create a Halloween track, what will you do? How on earth can you combine racing, candies and anxiety? Well this one certainly does! Never thought it was possible.

Rating: 90%

Fun Factor

Judging the track itself , the fun factor already is above average. Now adding the trick or treat part really gives the extra fun for this track. Well done!

Rating: 87%


The track itself is simple to finish, setting a good time nevertheless is a different job. Due to the nice scenery the track is not boring at all, so you can try it over and over again.  If you can’t find the pumpkins then take a pot of candies yourself and go try this track!

Final Rating: 84% (Great)


Tag - Beginner Beginner Fairly easy to finish, altough more challenging to get a good time on.

Tag - Innovative InnovativeCool Halloween ideas

Tag - Underrated UnderratedSlightly underrated.


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One Response to Track Review – TrickOrTreat

  1. LordMzn says:

    O nice, finally reviewed ^^

    Well, let’s see what you say…

    Yes, the idea was stolen, but it’s so nice, i like it from the first time i tried.
    For the pop ups, i tried to keep them a bit dark, so they don’t trouble too much… but i had to reach a compromise between signing the road and not creating too much mess.

    Nice you like the MT part, it’s my 1st full MT work (intro outro, ingame stuff etc etc). I think the raitng is appropriate.

    Thanks for reviewing!

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