As you may have noticed, there’s basically no posting activity anymore. That’s what I was talking about weeks ago would happen, and here we are now.

I cant really say I will be doing more for this blog in the future, although there is one thing: I still have a lot of screenshots, and people keep sending more. So, perhaps there will be more frequent screenshot posts, and a Screenshot of the Week every week.

Other than that, don’t hope for much 😛


11 Responses to Screenshots…?

  1. BCS[Santino] says:

    Jozii, that would be a huge shame to not see more of the BLOG. Especially with all the hard work put into it.. Keep going. You are doing a superb job! If you would like me to do some Track Reviews I will but only for Stadium!


  2. Jozii says:

    Yeah, I know, but I think that with over a year of posting, the blog has been successful and can retire with honor 😛 I don’t have the time nor motivation to keep going.

    I have asked for help from others before, but they keep saying things like you just said:

    “but only for Stadium”

    Besides, even if someone else writes it, posting it does take time and energy.

    But as I said, screenshots may continue to pop up 😉

  3. BCS[Santino] says:

    Jozii, If you have the time I have a proposal.

    I’ll email you!


  4. Jozii says:

    E-mail ahead 😀

  5. djoszee says:

    An article everynow and then won’t harm anyone, the ammount of posts should be just less.. I’ve sent an article in just yesterday 🙂
    And I was wondering: whatever happened to alcator his weekly article? (just out of interest)

  6. Jozii says:

    The problem is that not enough people submit articles 😛

    And Alcator, he got a wife and a child in the blink of an eye, and now he’s been psychologically damaged!

  7. alcator says:

    yep, that’s correct. Not only does Alcator have a son that’s 3 months and 1 day old today, but he’s got a job that requires his attention etc. Still, Alcator did send some articles today.

  8. Aaerox says:

    Does that mean that there will be no track reviews anymore?? That would be very bad luck, because I built a final track and I’ve put very much time in it.

  9. Jozii says:

    Pjotr is still working on a review, and a few others are still “in line”. I’m not accepting any more requests…

  10. Retodon8 says:

    alcator: “Not only does Alcator have a son that’s 3 months and 1 day old today, but he’s got a job that requires his attention etc.”

    Obviously we can’t expect you to just leave your wife and son (Congratulations!), but you can still quit your job. 🙂

  11. alcator says:

    OH, and Alcator is still able to create a provide videos for reviews…

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