Article – 5 Quick Tips For A Better Looking Bay

This article is a follow-up to Micster’s scenery article about the Sunrise mood. Written by Micster.

Bay can be one of the harder environments to build good scenery in, especially in the Day mood, so here are a few quick tips to keep your Bay tracks looking great, without costing too many coppers.

1. Buildings make excellent blockades.

In the following image, the buildings don’t reveal the sea just around the corner.


This is a good idea to use if you simply must block off an entire area, though this can be very expensive copper wise. The “Land buildings” (crated by raising the ground level) are a good idea for this as well, and are a much cheaper alternative. However, they can look rather bad themselves when stacked up like pyramids.

2. Use a variety of pieces and colors.

Pieces that include bits of green, black and white, when used in moderation, can cancel out the grey that dominates most of Bay. Overuse of these pieces though, most often the Black platform ones, can cause the track to look almost like some sort of jail that the player has to escape. Avoid it unless that’s what you’re going for in your track.

Here’s an example of good usage of these blocks colors:


3. Overhead roads.

Though they won’t affect the track directly, they can offer shade from very bright sunlight, as the grey ground can easily become a glaring white at times. They also offer a Tunnel effect on the outside, and add to that busy city feeling which works great on any track.

An example:


4. Signs.

Be sure to use signs as part of the scenery. The big ones, shown to the right in the first example below, look great, while the directional signs make it easier to navigate the track, as it can become easy to get lost in an environment where there’s plenty of grey all over.

Two examples:

BayPic4 BayPic4.2

5. The bay itself.

Use the bay edge pieces for added realism, and the occasional ship to add a busy look. Be sure not to overuse these pieces in one position though. Dotting a few docks around the track is enough.

An example of a docking ship that appears to be delivering cargo:


I hope this quick article has helped you when creating Bay tracks. I’ll have another article up early next year 😀


3 Responses to Article – 5 Quick Tips For A Better Looking Bay

  1. Homie says:

    Wohooo again AWESOME article!

    great work! 😀

  2. Hastings says:

    Yup, I agree. Concise, well-written article. Truly helpful. 😀

  3. alcator says:

    very good work, Micster!

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