Quick Tip – Changing the Loading Screen

Written by Hastings.

How to change the loading screen

You can very easily change the loading screen of your TMU game.

Normally, you see a grey wallpaper with the TMU logo, like here.

You find this loading screen in the folder GameData/Menu/Media/Texture/Image in your TMU folder (not the one in My Documents). It is called – how convenient – MenuStartUpBg.tga. Now just right-click on this file, click on Rename and add the extension .bak to the filename: MenuStartUpBg.tga.bak. Don’t worry, you do no harm to the file.

Now do the following with the image you want to see as loading screen:

  1. Open your image.
  2. Resize it to 1024×1024.
  3. Click on “Save as …”, rename it to MenuStartUpBg, choose TGA as image type and save it.
  4. Put it into the folder indicated above.

That’s all. The next time you load up TMU, you should see your screenie.

Example here.


4 Responses to Quick Tip – Changing the Loading Screen

  1. alcator says:

    Useful! Good work.

  2. TimeBreaker says:

    changing the loading screen rocks 😀
    i made that for some of my tracks a while ago, and its fun to see the wallpaper as your loading screem
    especially when you drive them online 😛

  3. micster says:

    I know who’s pic that is in the example. 😛

  4. Hastings says:

    Yeah it was one of the SotW participants.

    Thanks, Alcator.

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