JAG Media

“JAG MEDIA is a design portal which has been set up by a group of Graphics Designers whose intention is to help teams, clans or individuals with creating design concepts for TrackMania United.”

In case you’re wondering, that was a quote from the new TM fansite www.jagmedia.co.uk.

JAG, standing for “Just-A-Game”, is simply a website where a number of TM players have gone together to help people create graphical stuff, such as team logos, website banners or just screenshots for tracks. This is an idea I welcome with open arms, as personally I suck at making screenshots 😛

The creator of JAG is Santino, whom you might also know as the creator of Team BCS. The so called “graphics designers” are essentially a bunch of BCS members, but anyone with good skills in making screenshots can, as far as I know, join in and help out.

So what can JAG do for you? Well, basically, if you need a graphics job done related to TM, JAG is there to help out – for a small copper fee:

  • Screenshots – 50 Coppers
  • Website Banners – 100 Coppers
  • Avatars, Signatures – 50 Coppers

So lets say you want a screenshot for your latest track. On the JAG website, there’s an “upload” section, which is where you’ll want to go. Here you can upload your track (click “Submit file” at the bottom of the page) as well as fill in some details about what exactly you want (for example a special style, colors, etc). The upload section can seem a bit confusing, but here’s an image to help you out.

Soon enough (a few days – I’ve tested it personally 😛 ) a screenshot will be ready. At this point you must send the copper fee in-game to the website, and the screenshot is yours to use.

This is a simple solution for those not good with Photoshop 😀

If you’ve got any questions, the website also has a Contact page which I suggest you use.

So if all this sounds interesting, why don’t you go explore the site right away?



6 Responses to JAG Media

  1. BCS[Santino] says:

    Comments are much appreciated. I am just putting something back into TMU for the game I adore and JAGMEDIA is perfect as it helps and supports all trackmakers on tmu.

  2. Homie says:

    Maybe you should add a “Creation” page, that shows some of the Pictures that you’ve made!

    Btw. nice page 😀

  3. micster says:

    Same as Homie, I’d like to see some examples first.

  4. Jozii says:

    I actually asked for that too 😛 Right now there’s the examples on the upload page, but I don’t find that sufficient. They’re not that easy to find…

  5. BCS[Santino] says:

    I am adding a Samples page today. I am just choosing which one will be best for the website. I appreciate all comments both positive and challenging. thanks

  6. BCS[Santino] says:


    Call it a January sale. lol

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