Quick Tip – Changing Menu Background Video

Written by Hastings.

How to change the menu background video

Are you tired of always watching the same four videos in the TMU main menu? Would you like to see other environments moving, perhaps even entire races or your own creations? It is perfectly possible.

First the most important information: The videos I’m talking about are located in the folder GameData/Menu/Media/BackgroundTexture as .bik files. There you will find the default four videos delivered with your TrackMania game.

If you want to insert your own .bik videos, you can easily do so. Just copy/cut and paste them into that folder. The program automatically recognizes them as additional options and randomly plays the default and your own videos.

In case you would like to create your own background videos, you are free to do so. It is like creating a .bik sign. JumperJack explains how it is done here.

There are some restrictions though.

I recommend:

  • Your video should be short. The main menu is a place to navigate where you don’t rest for long. 30 seconds is suitable. 6 minute videos don’t make sense, because you would probably never see the ending.
  • Shoot the video at the resolution you play TMU (640×480, 800×600 etc.).
  • Switch off “Audio Stream” when shooting the video in United.
  • Ensure a high quality with your codec.
  • In EVERY case: When binking your video, change the following value: In the upper left corner, in the red-bordered field, fill in “100”, where it says “Compress to % of the initial size”. Turning an .avi to a .bik file is a compression as well, but we do not want to lose the quality of our video. The “100” avoids a quality deficit. Image here.

Here are 10 videos (each 30 to 40 seconds long, 1024×768, 34-91mb size) I can offer you.

At a later time, Hastings will guide you through the process of changing the TMU loading screen as well…


2 Responses to Quick Tip – Changing Menu Background Video

  1. RKO90 says:

    Great article Hastings! I was looking for this from a long time 😀

  2. Xpowaspa says:

    Nice tutorial!

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