Track Review – Looking Up

Written by Pjotr. 

  • Track: Looking Up (direct download)
  • Author: Maphios
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Bay
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Day
  • Coppers: 2676
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 21Award
  • Award Level: Reveiws - Yellow Slightly overrated
  • TMX LB Rating: 46,174
  • Custom Content: Nothing


“It offers u some tricky spots, but should always be fair“.

Looking Up

First Impression

Is it a speed track? Is it a tech-track? Is it a maze track? I don’t know… The author calls it tricky, does that conflict with the speed? Lets try! The tricky part in the beginning is clear: lots of parts where you can stumble. The maze part is clear too: lots of signs, help! Where to go? Then finally the speed part, that’s fun. But what if we get round the bumps and know where to go, then it all gets clear to me: a challenging track well suited for WR-hunting.


Track Design

The PF start is nice, not too long so never boring: good job. The track is a complete mix of all the different building elements. Together with all the signs this makes it confusing at first sight, but when you drive the track this makes it better and better. When you know where to go and you manage not to slide, then you can go at high speed, but watch out for all the bumps.

The wallride part is nice to drive, good flow, but is it a decoy? Is it the fastest route? Well try it yourself. Then the water jump – a challenge. I tried it several times but didn’t succeed: could it be possible not hitting the water? However, it gives you the adrenaline to try it over and over again. The end part is filled with a nice loop and some curves. The last curve however is preceded by a yellow booster. This makes it extra tricky! Maybe the booster could be left out.

The track is well designed, for the average driver it’s not difficult to finish. However, you cannot lose your attention otherwise you must use your life-jacket (it’s under your seat).

Rating: 90%


In this track the scenery is very well combined with the track. Lots of quarter pipes in the first part. The question is are they for driving or for scenery? The second part is more concentrated on the driving. With just enough buildings, parks and loose hanging construction parts.

Rating: 85%


Intro: Nice starting followed by some track pictures with enhanced colors.

In track: Cam change in the loop followed by a short camera path. At the end the camera is focused on the finish. So if you miss the finish line, you cannot follow your car 😦

Outro: Good camera angles, nice to watch.

Some critical notes:

  • A cam change in the wall ride would be nice,
  • The timing of some cam changes could be better,
  • Reconsider the finish shot
  • A GPS would be handy for this track.

The MT is there, although some things could be better. A good outro is compensating. With a bit more attention to the in-game MT the track could have been even more fun to drive.

Rating: 75%


The originality is average. I like the short PF start. Lots of different parts are used but they are all used, the way they should be used. There are no astonishing originality parts I can find.

Rating: No rating!

Fun Factor

Fun factor is a completely different aspect. I really love to drive the track and it is lots of fun to try all the different possibilities to improve. The PF start is nice and not boring. It’s not very hard to drive so trying is over and over will not be annoying.

 Rating: 95%


This Bay track isn’t the most original designed I ever seen. But the fun driving together with all the different elements used makes it a great track.  The questions from the first impression are answered: it’s not a speed track, it’s not a tech-track, its both.

Final Rating: 85% StarStarStarStar (Great)


Tag - TimeAttack TimeGood for WR hunts, and probably works fine online as well.

Video by Alcator.


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7 Responses to Track Review – Looking Up

  1. djoszee says:

    omg alcator used video-effects 😀

  2. maphios says:

    First of all thanks for this great review Jozii ;).
    I think 85 % is a nice rating for this track.
    To the critics:
    -too many signs:
    yes,that´s right i overdid this a bit. It´s probably more confusing that it helps you at first
    -no GPS:
    well here i don´t share your point of view. You said yourself at the middle of the review:
    “The track is well designed, for the average driver it’s not difficult to finish.”
    I think pretty much the same, so in my opinion there is no need for a GPS.
    -no cam change at the wallride:
    hmm, yes there could be a cam you are right, but as this is maybe not the route you are going to drive i skipped it 😛
    -final cam:
    i don´t see this as a problem, as i made the final jump not too hard, so that everybody can reach the finish line easily. I had never problems here. But i´m thinking about it.

    All in all a fair review, but you don´t mentionend why this track is slightly overrated?
    As you said too, this track makes a lot of fun, so why shouldn´t there be 21 awards?!
    That´s the only point i´m missing.
    Everything else fits nice ;). Thank you.

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    85% is a bit low after the first part-ratings :s
    and 21 doesnt soudn overrated..

  4. alcator says:

    The award count rating (slightůy overrated) comes from the fact that good track from unknown authors get about 10 to 15 awards most; You can’t just take the most known authors who get awards “for free” (or so it would seem) and compare yourself to them – they are n a whole different league.

  5. Jozii says:

    Forgot to say that the track was reviewed by Pjotr, btw 😛

    Also, when I read the review before publishing, I did mention the fact that 85% and “slightly overrated” doesn’t seem to fit together when the track has 21 awards – to me, that’s quite suitable (but I was desperate to publish something, so it was never changed). Although Alcator does have a point…

    Anyway, I think Pjotr did a great job and I appreciate the help 😀

  6. KiWiNiNjA says:

    btw, the TMX LB rating is labelled wrong. (rating is from the last review)

  7. Jozii says:

    You’re right, corrected.

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