Track Review – Blood, Sex and Booze

  • Track: Blood, Sex and Booze (direct download)
  • Author: KiWiNiNjA’w4
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Day
  • Coppers: 4411
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 19Award
  • Award Level: Review - Green Suitable
  • TMX LB Rating: 69,767
  • Custom Content: Signs, music


“An edge of your seat, pedal to the metal, tight as a tiger, and tough as nails speed track. Can you do it FS? I dare you to.” – KiWiNiNjA in the Author Comments.

Blood, Sex and Booze

First Impression

The Author Comment says full speed. It probably is, but an unusual slow one. It seems possible to complete without letting go of the gas, but at the same time there are plenty of technical aspects the driving appears kind of slow. But that’s not bad… I like this one already!


Track Design

The design of this one is a bit of a mixture – full speed IS possible, and when you succeed it is fast enough (although as there aren’t many boosters, it’s not THAT fast), and at the same time there are plenty of twists, turns and stunts to breake things up (and lowering the speed even further, still without you breaking manually).

And the mixture is a good one. It gives the track an excellent design, a well crafted combination of substances, and a sense of variety making it feel like a perfect Stadium track. It feels natural and simple somehow, perhaps because it reminds quite a bit of old-school Nations tracks mixed with new stuff from United. This is a good thing and I like it alot.

I can’t really say the design brings anything bad, but a slight flaw is navigation after a certain loop/wallride mixture. It’s not a major thing to take note of, but you will almost certainly crash on the first run.

Also, the track does provide a decent challenge. It’s not too easy to complete, and when you do there’s the challenge of completeing it full-speed.

Rating: 95%


The scenery adds further to the simple feeling and the feeling of Nations and United being merged together. However, I also believe it to bee slightly too simple at times. It is nice, but some sections are a bit empty…

Rating: 84%


Intro: Simple with text and still (not moving) camera angles of the track. Good, but not too spectacular.

In-game: Cam changes.

Outro: Again, very clean but with good camera angles.

Overall, the MT work that is present is very simple and well carried out. However, the simplicity does ruin things a bit. The outro is great as it is, and in-game nothing more is needed, but the intro could have brought a few more cool effects to make it more interesting.

What’s there is great, but with a lot more stuff it could be even greater. I can’t rate this one higher as there’s simply too much more that could be added, even though all those things probably are unnecessary…

Rating: 75%


Original? No.

Rating: No rating!

Fun Factor

Fun? Definately! Challenging to complete, but not too hard. Fun to improve your time on and aim for a full-speed run. The WR hunt at TMX seems to be, or at least have been once upon a time, quite fierce, which is also a plus.

Rating: 80%


Not at all original, doesn’t bring anything new and lacks a bit when it comes to MT work. But, it also has quite some variety, it takes you back to the days of Nations while also fitting United into the equation, and the design is very well crafted. A mix of technical and full-speed, the latter beinmg something that’s fully possible yet challenging to achieve.

Stunts are tight, the speed is perfect and the track just feels great!

Final Rating: 87% StarStarStarStar (Great)


Tag - TimeAttack TimeGood for WR hunts, and probably works fine online as well.

Video by Alcator.


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9 Responses to Track Review – Blood, Sex and Booze

  1. HeaH says:

    (video by alcator :P)

  2. KiWiNiNjA says:

    Wow, cool review. 😀

    Yeah, basically the track is a mix of speed and tech, but technically it is FS-able, so its an FS track. Although not as fast as most FS tracks. 🙂

    I totally agree with your comments regarding MT, they are very simple. Which I think can be a good thing, but of course it cant hurt to complicate things, can it? Anyways, my MT skills are improving.

    I’m proud of the marks it received. And hopefully I can work on some of the areas such as MT/scenery to make even better tracks in the future.


  3. Emil Hjelm says:

    Nice review! Only one thing… Not original!? I think this track is very, if not extremely original. You’re being too fastidious Jozii… Seriously this time! 😛

    Btw, damn lovely track, everybody go downloading, KN rocks!:D
    And have a look at his Nations tracks, they rock aswell!

  4. Jozii says:

    What’s so original about it? Sure, it’s well made, but not that original, is it?

  5. Emil Hjelm says:

    The start, the part after the start, the part after that, the part in the middle, the part after the part in the middle, the part after that part, the part before the part in the end, the end.

  6. Emil Hjelm says:

    No, but seriously, look at the beginning, thats original, look at the wallride/loop part, that’s original too. Look at the last part with the slide curves, they’re original. The whole track is original, or my thought of original is fucked up.

  7. Jozii says:

    Perhaps my thought of original is fucked up then 😛

    Sure, there are some slughtly original parts, but I can’t seriously say it’s THAT much…

  8. KiWiNiNjA says:

    Haha Emil 😀

  9. Emil Hjelm says:


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