Track Review – Frustration

This review is a gift from HeaH to Rasjt. Written by Homie.

  • Track: Frustration (direct download)
  • Author: Rasjt
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Day
  • Coppers: 1286
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 5Award
  • Award Level: Review - Green Suitable
  • TMX LB Rating: 1,000
  • Custom Content:



“Damn hard track !
But nice when you can completed it !” – the_king90

First Impression

The track is a bit confusing and the signs aren’t working. It isn’t too hard to find the way but it would be much better if the signs would work.

Track Design

The track isn’t that smooth, but there are also not that many jumps (just 3 jumps and 1 drop). I’m missing stunts a bit though and the track almost looks like a league map. It’s easy to crash and quite challenging.

When I had my first “clean” run on the track it was a bit fun for me, but some of the technical corners killed me 😉

In short, this track is much like a league track, which for the average player isn’t the definition of a “good” track design.

Rating: 50 %


Frustration doesn’t have much scenery, just some “Stadium buildings”. There aren’t any road parts over and under the track, something which could have made it look much better. Poor secenry.

Rating: 40 %


Intro: I don’t really like the intro as there’s just this “blue-color” and a boring looking-around-cam.

Ingame: Nothing

Outro: Nothing

In my opinion the track needs more MediaTracker! Maybe not ingame but an outro is very important to make your own replay look great.

Rating: 35%


Oh yeah, technical parts and Stadium isn’t something new in the world of TrackMania, but this league style is not that common, so this is a plus!

Rating: 65%

Fun Factor

The track wasn’t fun for me at the start. But I bet this is because I’m a bit noob-like in Stadium tech tracks. So if you know all the turns and technical corners well the track could be a lot of fun and addictive for Internet or league games.

Rating: 85%


At first the track it is a bit hard because you have to know each turn to get a nice run. But if you drive it often enough the track is fun to drive! What I’ve missed is more scenery and MediaTracker work, and the design could have been more interesting.

Final Rating: 59 % StarStarStar (mediocre)


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Video by Alcator.


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