10 original things to try in TMU

Written by Alcator. 

This time, I’ve chosen to write a list of things that might be interesting to play/try if someone actually managed to prepare for them. To make things more interesting, there are coppers to win here!

The first person to post (into the discussion beneath) a link to a track that features a particular described feature wins:

  • 100 coppers if the track wasn’t build by him/her
  • 250 coppers if the track is his/her own creation.

So, should I suggest building a track with a loop (which I’m not going to do, since there are plenty of them already) and Jozii posted a link to my LoopMastery track, he would win 100 coppers, while if he posted a link to his own Loopmastery track, he would win 250. Got it?

Few notes:

1) I reserve the right to VETO any linked track as not containing the feature “in a good way”. So even if someone already posted a link for some feature, don’t take it automatically as the winning entry and feel free to post your own link.

2) The challenge is only applicable for stuff that is trackbuilding-based; if the suggestion is driving-based (feature #3 in the list), no challenge is in place.

OK, let’s proceed with the list!

List of 10 original things to try

  1. Mountainride: You all know wallrides, but why not use the cliffs of mountains as the surface on which to drive? Perhaps a corner might allow an extended mountainride…
  2. A 3-lap multilap track where each next lap “forces” the player to take a different route, or at least each next lap allows the player to take a different, FASTER (SHORTER) route that was not accessible in previous lap(s)…
  3. When the track you’re racing on (on-line) features a long jump, try to make a perfect 360 degree spin instead of just a simple jump – the cars that are right behind you will either be confused and crash, or admire you…
  4. A dirt track (Stadium) where the key to getting a gold medal is initiating a jump from the edge fences or edge signs in one of the corner tiles (banked or normal turns), while those who follow the road will not be able to get gold.
  5. A 1080 degree vertical corkscrew: Using the wallride corner segments or the Island 90 degree rotated road tiles etc., make a corkscrew where the car makes 3 complete circles before exitting it. The car must be banked to either side by 90 degrees all the time.
  6. A platform track where start and finish are in opposite corners of the map, and there are at most 10 other tiles in between them; none of the tiles (including start and finish) can be on the ground (meaning the car has to stay airborne unless it can bounce off of water, if it wants to get to the next tile).
  7. A PF start with a 1800 degree stunt figure in it.
  8. A three path track where each of the paths is “quite” different from the other paths (i.e., not symmetric!), but where all the paths are equally long (let’s say a 0.2 second difference of best times is allowed between the “shortest” and “longest” path).
  9. A track where the key to victory is exiting a loop or wallride somewhere during corner phase (resulting in the car getting a rolling momentum), while those who don’t exit that loop/wallride can still finish with a significantly worse time; the car that does leave the loop/wallride in the corner should not just fly through finish; it should land on track and drive for at least 5 more seconds.
  10. A track with MT navigation arrow which tells the player where to steer; the changes of the arrow should be smooth (i.e., it should smoothly rotate to the new position).

So, what say you? Will you try it? Or do you know about some existing track with one of the features? Let you voice be heard in the discussion!

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask.


16 Responses to 10 original things to try in TMU

  1. HeaH says:

    1. My MiniMania 1 got a start where you are riding down a mountain. I don’t know if that’s what you mean?

  2. T_Z_ says:

    He’s probably talking about wallriding in the desert cliffs

  3. alcator says:

    Heah: As T_Z_ explains, the objective is to make a track where instead of a wallride, the car rides in similar fashion on mountain cliff (Desert)

  4. Jozii says:

    What, does it have to be Desert? I mean, almost all environments have some sort of cliff/hill when you raise the ground level (heck, even Stadium has it), aren’t those accepted as well?

  5. alcator says:

    Well, I specifically asked for MOUNTAIN-RIDE 😉 But nobody said this is some LAW – if you make a cool track with Coast hill riding, people will surely award it.

  6. Kendal says:

    Oops oO. misread. Nevermind xD

  7. Kendal says:

    Does it has to be a TMU-track?

  8. TimeBreaker says:


    actually there are no arrows, but the mt navigates you through the whole track 😀

  9. Jonkster says:

    Hey, quite a coincedence, I had just uploaded my track, then came over here to find it matches (ish) critera number 7!

  10. Jonkster says:

    ummm sorry about that.. =/ Numer 8! number 8!

  11. maphios says:


    a track from pjw, where you have 3 different ways from start to finish 😉

  12. Hastings says:

    [ironic] Wow, Alcator, I admire your original ideas. No one could have ever thought of these brilliant brain flashes but you. [/ironic]

    2. I don’t know the track name, but an Island Sunrise track exists/existed which fits your feature description: 3 laps, 3 different routes. Each time you’re faster and you jump higher on to a next platform.

    3. Spedzo did a stunt run on one of Kendar’s tracks, including spinned jumps.


    5. This idea is almost 2 and a half years old, Alcator! Try this track. You even drive 4 complete circles in a row.


    7. Try this track on Nations, it features a 1440° flip PF. It was even rumoured that the PF could be varied into a 2100° spin:


    8. There must be many track builders out there who had this idea. But I suppose their tracks never got popular because they were not fit for racing or the MT work was too huge.
    What I can offer is a 3-paths track of mine (some 2 years old), but the longest and shortest path are 10 seconds different:


    9. 1 year old idea. Your description does not exactly fit this Nations track, but “Answer !” features a non-PF wallride where you leave “during corner phase”, kind of jump and spin and land back on the right track.
    Beware, this track is extremely difficult! If you cannot finish it (too original for you? 😉 ), have a look at the screenshot. In the upper left, there is a “wallride” in S-shape, that’s the part I’m talking about.


    10. Ganjarider built a famous track during Nations times where you have to navigate your car at the beginning with the help of (really) smooth MT arrows.


  13. Hastings says:

    9. Not upper left, I meant: upper right.

  14. Jozii says:

    Heh, Hastings, that comment made the spam filter go crazy 😛

  15. alcator says:

    Hastings, there’s only one response I can think of concerning the tone of your big comment:


  16. Hastings says:

    I’m sorry about the first two lines I wrote up. I shouldn’t have done that, it was stupid. Be constructive, not destructive.

    But your comments I see you post on TMX often seem to lack understanding of the author’s situation and your words are not very well chosen in my point of view. Try to ease your criticism and concentrate a bit more on what’s good. Publishing an article here which convey to me the attitude “I’m well one of the few here with original ideas, try them out, you’ll see they’re great” seemed the summit of it all.

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