Closed Review Requests


It seems like my campaigns for getting more requests for Track Reviews have had an affect, ’cause requests are flowing in at a rate I can’t keep up with. November sure will be a busy month.

Due to this I’m forced to say no to further requests for the time being. I’d expect requests to be accepted again within two to four weeks, but that will be announced later on.

Until then, enjoy the reviews to come 😉

Oh, and one other thing: the TMU Blog’s birthday is coming up later this month and I plan to shower coppers down on you guys. I have two requests on my own to prepare for that:

1) Come up with ideas on how to celebrate this birthday (I asked this once before, but I thought more ideas might have popped up since then),

2) Donate coppers to use as prizes. I have a goal of reaching 100 000 coppers (all won’t be used for the birthday, though), and at the moment that goal is within a range of around 12 000 coppers.



11 Responses to Closed Review Requests

  1. micster says:

    I can’t think up any decent ideas. :s

    Hmm, how about everybody send awesome TMU Blog related Screenshots? 😛

  2. Jozii says:

    So a SotW edition with focus on the blog? Sounds good 😀

  3. -Homie- says:

    Ideas for how celebrating a Blog …. xD

    – Maybe Reviews for free xD ( That was a gag^^)
    – Maybe a TMU Blog Community driving day at a Server…
    – Maybe TMU Blod Birthday Contest

    Don’t know something more^^ I’ll write new ideas here if I should get them xD

  4. Tonic_91 says:

    a little like Homie said…
    I think a “TMU Blog BD track contest” would be nice, and the server would then have those tracks 😉 But that would kinda require there to be more than just a few entries…:P

  5. Hastings says:

    Yeah, perhaps someone can organise a TMU Blog server for one afternoon or night, a place to meet and talk and drive. 🙂

  6. Jozii says:

    The blog has a server, although it’s never updated 😛

    I’ve long been planning to host a contest on it, but I’d like it to be one where all can join at a specific time… and I sort of have my doubts that many will do that 😛

  7. Heah says:

    – Someone create a BD track for the blog.
    – The track would be hosted at the TMU blog server for a weekend.
    – The one with the fastest time wins.
    – One of the evenings, people could meet on the server. Chat, drive, show of tracks and such?

  8. heah says:

    It’s a rough idea…

  9. RKO90 says:

    Oh damn, no more reviews? :S that’s not cool… I had 2 track to review…

  10. Cab says:

    Sent a donate 🙂

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