Article – The Importance of Scenery

Written by Micster. 

I’m sure most trackmaniacs know that scenery is an important part of track building. It makes the track satisfying to play, blocks passages that may be used as cuts, and adds more emphasis to speed. These are just a few reasons why you would want to add any form of scenery along your tracks. But there are some track builders out there who find scenery more of an optional feature, either because they’re new to track building or because they want to make their tracks online friendly.

Whatever the reason for leaving scenery out, I’d like to show these trackers how scenery can have a drastic effect on their tracks, and that they should add at least some form of scenery around their creations to make them more enjoyable.

Here’s an example of a track without scenery:

Importance of Scenery, Part 1, Img1

I doubt many of you will know what track this is, but if you’ve played it before, you’ll know it looks nothing like this. It’s a version of one of my own Bay tracks, except this time without scenery. Only signs, certain lighting and ground buildings are kept, and even with those, the track still looks awful, and isn’t much fun to play. Need further proof? Try the “naked” version yourself:


Here’s a pic of the track with scenery:

Importance of Scenery, Part 1, Img 2

Looks much better doesn’t it? With plenty of buildings to cover up ugly spots, lots of scenery to pass under, over and inbetween, the experience is much more enjoyable. Once again, a picture can only show so much, and the track should be played in person to get a good idea on the whole concept. Here’s the track with scenery:


Hope this short article has given you a rough idea of how important scenery can be. In the near future another scenery-related article will arrive. Consider this one an introduction to what is to come 😉

6 Responses to Article – The Importance of Scenery

  1. Hastings says:

    Nice article. Great that you prepared examples, they give a better impression of what you mean. =)

  2. djoszee says:

    This is more if a trackpromotion-post I think, but it did made me curious on what you’re going to post next. I always wanted to write something about scenery, but couldn’t be arsed..

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    correct the headline 🙂

  4. Ditra says:

    One of the best articles of last months 😀

  5. micster says:

    I was afraid it was going to be a selfish promotion of my track, but I couldn’t be inspired to make a track just for this article, as it would have taken too long. 😛

    Thanks for reading, who knows how long it will take until I get the next one up. 🙂

  6. […] a month or so ago, I released a small article showing how scenery can have an impact on a track. Now I’m going to show you how each mood used in your track can significantly effect how your […]

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