Track Review – Speed Anxiety

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Oh, and this review was given as a gift to the authors by Micster (probably because Micster did some MT work on the track, but it’s still a nice gesture 😛 )

  • Track: Speed Anxiety (direct download)
  • Author: XT Projects (DanDaMan & S8ndm8n)
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Island
  • Length: 1 min
  • Mood: Night
  • Coppers: 7237
  • Difficulty: Reviews - Red Hard
  • TMX Awards: 12Award
  • Award Level: Reviews - Red Heavily underrated
  • TMX LB Rating: 24,030
  • Custom Content:



a) you are a prima donna
b) have high blood pressure
c) have never been laid and most likely won’t for the next decade
– if ever

First Impression

Holy farm animal! What a start! What speed! What an adrenaline rush! I suspect you’d be a fool not to try this track!


Track Design

Before playing this track I was warned in several ways. Micster told me it was a real challenge, the author comments at TMX include several warnings and the difficulty (at TMX) is set to “Lunatic”. I’ve been playing it for quite some time now, and finally I’ve managed to get a decent time without any CP respawns.

So what’s so challenging about it? For starters, the track requires some extremely high speeds. You can easily fail if you’re going too slow. Then there’s the increased rate of crashes you’ll make due to the high speed. Furthermore, some of the stunts are very unforgiving.

This said, don’t run. Speed Anxiety is at the same time surprisingly friendly to those failing on certain parts (which everyone will). There are great secondary routs built in to the track perfectly. While you will be slower if you use them rather than the original path, they are still built with style and incorporated in the track perfectly. A huge plus!

When it comes to the actual track, your main asset will be plenty of platform sliding. This is mixed with challenging jumps (I love the one through the Airport CP, and the one at the start), cool loops and tricky turns and narrow paths. This is Island at its best!

As this is a duo track I was also quite surprised at the fact that the authors managed to combine their sections so well and keep such similar styles. This makes the track even better, as both authors have succeeded very well.

I really have no complaints about the design of Speed Anxiety. No, that’s no true. There was one annoying thing: orientation! At times, at least if I had to do a CP respawn, I was quite confused about where to go. There are signs, but not with arrows. This might be the sign bug joking around, but nonetheless it’s a flaw.

But what are a few broken signs when the rest of brilliant?

Rating: 95%


Brilliant scenery! Night tracks usually look a bit better than other moods as there are plenty of lights too fill up the space, but this one is better yet. There’s so much to look at everywhere and as the scenery is very varied there will always be something new. In the outro the scenery looks even better as you’ll see it from new angles. The downside: a lot of coppers – but believe me, every single copper used was worth it! Excellent work here and not much room for improvement.

Rating: 97%


Intro: Cool effects and introduction of the name of the track and the authors. But besides a quick glance of the track from far above, there’s no real overview given of the track.

In-game: Cam changes.

Outro: Excellent outro! Great effects as well as angles. However, there are points where the camera is too close to the vehicle. Combined with the high speed and, at times, tight stunts, you easily get confused. But besides that little slip, great work!

To sum up, it feels like the intro is only half done, while the outro is brilliant.

Rating: 82%


What can be original about full-speed Island? A lot, it turns out. On a larger scale, the stunts and overall design of the track is quite original. On a lower level the scenery adds a bit as well. This isn’t an ordinary Island track, but at the same time there’s not enough of the original to be significant. It doesn’t contain anything really original, yete there is enough original stuff to make it interesting and fresh.

Rating: 78%

Fun Factor

Fun? Hell yeah! You’ll be frustrated and annoyed, but in the long run you’ll have a blast! While there isn’t much room for time improvement, and this most certainly isn’t a track suitable for online play, there isn’t much room for replay reasons, but on the other hand you’ll spend a great deal of time attempting to complete the track in a decent fashion.

Rating: 85%


This is a fantastic track! The stunts, platforms, speed, challenge, scenery and overall design is brilliant. The MT work could need a bit of improvement, but it too is excellent in the end. The track isn’t suitable for online play but offers a lot of fun in the form of challenges. It’s tough, but once you get it, this will be one of the best Island tracks you’ve ever played!

Final Rating: 93% StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent)


Tag - Challenging Challenging – Exceptionally hard to complete yet unusually friendly in the form of secondary paths if you crash. Getting a good time will be harder than usual as it’s so easy to fail a stunt.

Tag - MT MediaTracker – Great MT work, and especially the outro shines very bright.

Tag - Underrated Underrated – 12 awards is far below what this track deserves.


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10 Responses to Track Review – Speed Anxiety

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    heavily underrated, wow 😀

  2. SkunkY says:

    Well described, this is so hard and soo awesome!!
    If you like island then dont wait to try it and dont surrender! 😀
    frenzy will be bigger than the pain! 😀

  3. micster says:

    Amazing review! 😀

  4. DanDaMan says:

    Wow, big thanks for this Jozii and Micster! A fantastic review and I’m very happy you enjoyed the track… 🙂

  5. smok3y says:

    Awesome review for one of The Best Island maps 😀

    And i say throw the authors to the lions – i almost broke my head against my PC after playing it for 1 hour straight and not even getting a silver medal 😐

  6. Jozii says:

    The video, as always made by Alcator, has now been added 😀

  7. micster says:

    Looks even more fun in the vid. I always mess up now and then. 😛

  8. smok3y says:

    Talk about driving skills – loOk at the 3 dudes in the video – insane driving :O

  9. s8ndm8n says:

    Cool vid 8D Thanks to Micster for his help and for having the track reviewed by Jozii 😀

    Thanks Jozii for the great review 😀

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