Track Review – UltimateHeartbeat

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  • Track: UltimateHearbeat (direct download)
  • Author: RKO 90
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 30 sec
  • Mood: Sunrise
  • Coppers: 3229
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 11Award
  • Award Level: Review - Green Suitable
  • TMX LB Rating: 61,522
  • Custom Content: Signs, music


First Impression

Fast technical Stadium racing!


Track Design

I’ll be completely honest. This track is the straight opposite of the kind of track I like. This is short, technical yet full-speed Stadium. A killer combination, which makes the track very unforgiving. Oh, and the music is mainly just noice to me.

However, I’ll also look at things in a less personal perspective. Because I have to face it: this isn’t a bad track! A lot of people enjoy technical full-speed Stadium, and by all means the combination does make it more challenging. The length is actually suitable for this kind of track, as even a slight scratch can ruin the entire race. You’ll feel relieved when passing through the finish line. And the music: well, that’s a matter of taste.

Additionally, the technical twists and turns are enhanced – and interrupted (in a good way) – by some stunts: a 90 degree loop along with a double loop towards the end. There’s also a very nice platform for some drifting (with the downside of the next jump having too short a path to get the car straight before take-off, something which will annoy you in the beginning). Considering the fact that all this has been packed into a 30 second track things do turn out pretty good.

To sum up, I just have to bite the sour apple and accept the fact that this track is a good one, although I do stick to the belief that some sections are a bit rough and that they could have been made smoother (although then some of the challenge would be reduced as well).

Rating: 85%


All I have to say here is that more could – and should – have been added.

Rating: 68%


Intro: While camera movement and angles do give a decent overview of the track, the focus might still be a bit too narrow. You don’t get a satisfying overview, but an overview non the less (which is more than some tracks). Also, the effects used are rather basic and the execution is, while not extremely horrible, are below average.

In-game: Cam changes – what else do you want?

Outro: Good angles and nice color effects. But: scenery crashes.

Overall average MT, but not much more…

Rating: 51%


Not at all.

Rating: No rating!

Fun Factor

In the end, this track is quite fun. The style is appreciated by many and the design is quite challenging. So if you like full-speed Stadium, with a technical twist where precision driving is required, you’ll love this one.

Rating: 84%


Fast and technical design, which in the end is very good indeed. The lack is that of scenery and MT work, and there are no original features whatsoever. A great track with potential of being even better…

Final Rating: 80% StarStarStarStar (Great)


Tag - Challenging Challenging – Paths are narrow and precision is needed to maintain the required speed.

Video by Alcator.


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10 Responses to Track Review – UltimateHeartbeat

  1. RKO90 says:

    Thx for the review Jozii 😉 So next time I’ll know what to do, more scenery & working even more on the intro 😛 (it’s extremely boring for me doing intros… that’s why :P)
    Anyway, it’s Heartbeat 😛 . I always do the same error 😛

  2. Emil Hjelm says:

    VIDEO!!! 😛
    Sounds like a great track btw… 😀

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    sour apples suck, i still dont like the track 😛
    its a fullspeed challenge, nearly no slides allowed
    very lucky finish section :/

    one good thing about the scenery.. it does not lag, which is neccesary on such a highspeed track
    anyways, when i press numpad 7, i see how much useless scenery you used ( people will never see that one big arc o_0 )
    you couldve made a better scenery with deleting that and adding some bows over the roadsection 🙂 (you know, that “whoosh-effect” )
    this track is defnitely a matter of taste, good that you tried to look objective on this track,jozii 😉

    hey, why do you talk abut scenery in the mt, jozii? 😛

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    on stadium, i would even help you next time on the scenery, rko 😉

  5. djoszee says:

    Everyone knows that you can’t beat my scenery TB 😛

  6. Emil Hjelm says:

    well… my scenery rocks everything…

  7. Jozii says:

    *cough* I meant MT, TB 😛

  8. TimeBreaker says:

    lol djoszee, and i know that you cant beat phyters scenerywork 😉
    hes the master 😀

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