Screenshot of the Week – Week 42, 2007

Screenshot Collection

By TimeBreaker:


By -Homie-:

Meeting Point

 Screenshot of the Week


TimeBreaker wins 100 coppers for this screenshot.

If you have a screenshot or two, send them to All screenshots will get published in the blog, and every week one screenshot is selected as Screenshot of the Week.


9 Responses to Screenshot of the Week – Week 42, 2007

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    yay, finally i won again 😛

  2. Cab says:

    Don’t send this amount of screenshots to Jozii Timebreaker xD

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    lol, i once send 20 pics to jozii , i searched for all my old pics and putted them in one zip file 😀

  4. djoszee says:

    I reckon the screeny is nicer without that girl. I like the sparkling wheel 😀

  5. Cab says:

    yay who’s that pornstar Tb? ^^

  6. djoszee says:

    rofl…guess TB does use his pc for other stuff then trackmania 😀

  7. T_Z_ says:

    Homie’s pic is the best imo

  8. Jozii says:

    I nearly gave Homie the win because of that girl in TB’s pic (so irrelevant and ruins the scenery, as Djoszee pointed out), but then I figured it wouldn’t be fair to the girl 😛

  9. TimeBreaker says:

    that “pornstar” -girl is beyonce knowles..

    and i know that the pic wasnt good in the end xD
    but i dont have the unedited photo anymore , and i loved the angle of the scanpshot, so i sent it in 😛
    (btw, the track is worse than the screenie, i dont see why making a megascreenie for a lame track^^ )

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