Race – Time Challenge

A while ago we hosted a racing contest at the forum where you had to be the fastest on a given track. This contest has now been made into a weekly challenge: Race – Time Challenge!

Simply, there’s a given track which you must race on to get a good time. The twist is that you also have to post your current personal best for everyone to see in order to make your time valid. If you make a new personal best, simply make a new post. This way competition is increased.

Furthermore the contest features a Jackpot of 2000 coppers + 300 for every round in which the Jackpot isn’t won. This Jackpot is won by the winner of a round if this person also has beaten the TMX World Record. If not, the prize is 300 coppers.

So, get your but over to the forums to participate in this challenge!

First track: Last Hope, by CRO|Bare

Good luck 😀


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