Track Review – SnowMobile


  • Track: SnowMobile (direct download)
  • Author: Andree
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Snow
  • Length: 45 sec
  • Mood: Sunset
  • Coppers: 3333
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 43Award
  • Award Level: Review - Green Suitable
  • TMX LB Rating: 20,624
  • Custom Content: Signs, images


First Impression

Fast Alpine track with some awesome transitions! A bit tricky at first.


Track Design

This is a track of true Andree style. It’s fast and packed with stuff to make you keep on your toes. Transitions are amazing but also a bit tricky. The first few runs you’re likely to crash, fly slightly in the wrong direction or just generally fail staying on the road.

This isn’t a really difficult track though. You’ll soon learn the basics and know what path to take. And, the first half of the track is in fact more challenging than the second.

Furthermore, SnowMobile takes advantage of scenery as narrow points and driving paths in a good way. This is what makes it better than the average Alpine track. Also, the track features a number of “secret areas” for you to find, each containing some nice and funny MT work.

In the end, what you’re really going to experience here is fast and adrenaline kicking pickup driving. There are minor details that could have been better (there always are, obviously), but what I really want after having played the track is for it to have been longer 😛

Rating: 91%


A great crowded scenery providing a nice mix of Alpine blocks. Some parts do miss something extra though, as often other parts of the track are used more than “real” scenery.

Rating: 81%


Intro: Wow! This must have taken forever to make. Snowflakes in the form of stars (*) fall from the “sky” to form the name of the track. At the same time, the camera moves, in black and white, across the track. However, I’ve seen cooler intros, and what makes this one special is more the fact that it must have taken a long time to make than that the end result is extremely good. It is good, but not THAT good.

In-game: GPS and funny scenes in the “secret areas”.

Outro: Excellent in all aspects: great camera angles, cool effects and nice use of colors. Probably the best part of the entire MT work.

Good MT with cool effects, quite a bit above just the general stuff, and well put together.

Rating: 89%


This kind of full-speed Alpine with tricky connections and transitions are not that original anymore. Neither are the secret areas. However, the way things are carried out do sum up to some quite innovative stuff, so still a plus here.

Rating: 78%

Fun Factor

The trickiness of the track adds a challenge, but the fact that it’s full speed limits the WR hunting possibilities. However, on TMX the track has an active and high LB rating, so there’s still something to gain there.

The secret areas in the track add a lot of additional fun. You can spend quite some time off-course searching for these which is surprisingly entertaining, especially as each gives you some cool MT stuff to enjoy.

In other words, a lot of replay possibilities and good entertainment.

Rating: 94%


Fast, exciting and with great stuff on all aspects. The less good stuff is minimal, and the only thing that could make this track better would be to simply include more of the already good aspects. A highly entertaining track.

Final Rating: 88% StarStarStarStar (Great)


Tag - MT MediaTracker – Great MT effects! 

Video by Alcator. Driver: Vincent.

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