What’s better than a sunrise over a calm winter landscape? A sunset over a beautiful desert landscape, of course 😀 AsTheSunSet, a track by -Homie-, is already an “old” track, from the 8th of September, but nontheless it’s an amazing fast-paced Desert track, one that all Desert lovers should play!

So what makes AsTheSunSet so special? For starters, the design of the track is full-speed with some quite innovative transitions designed to keep you on your toes. While the track isn’t overly difficult, it does make for quite a time challenge and feature some challenging parts.

Furthermore, the track includes some cool scenery and good MT effects (Intro, Outro and In-game , including GPS), all making the track extra interesting. There’s also a good soundtrack to go with it, as well as custom signs. On TMX the track has 29 awards. Here are some interesting quotes from some of those awards that reveal what the track is really like:

  • “Great speed and nice flow with some tricky parts.” – KEV Fan
  • “Awesome new ideas with perfect transitions.” – TYZZ
  • “Holy Crap! 10/10.” – ShoK
  • “Mindblowing” – Andree
  • “Those nice transitions combined with the great speed! That makes a perfect flow on this one!” – -HR-n3crid

So what are you waiting for? Download AsTheSunSet now!


One Response to AsTheSunSet

  1. -Homie- says:

    Waow thx for this grea review Jozii 😀

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