BCS Track Exchange Program

It’s like if every recent post contains the phrase “now that TMX is down”, so I’ll do my best not to include it today 😉 (Shoot, already too late!)

At the BCS website, a new cool feature has been added called the BCS Track Exchange Program! I’m quite sure you already know what this is about 😛

The website now has a section where you can upload/download tracks. As of now, there aren’t that many tracks available, but as soon as you start uploading your own tracks, I’m sure this could turn into something good. We all miss TMX, and while I have no doubt we’ll all be back at TMX in the near future, BCS may have a good secondary solution here.

The BCS Track Exchange features a page with three categories – BCS Tracks, Nations Tracks and United Tracks. Additionally, these pages have subcategories. For United, these are all the environments plus PF as well as Stunt. Use these to upload your tracks to the site. From here, you can also download other people’s tracks of the type you’re interested in.

Doing this requires you to log in to BCS, so if you don’t have an account yet, go register now!

In short, now that TMX is down the BCS Track Exchange Program might be a good substitute 😀 Make good use of it!


16 Responses to BCS Track Exchange Program

  1. BCS[Shaguar] says:

    Thanks for the great comments. DaveDread, ICEMD have already started loading their tracks up! I know it will take time for this to all lift off, but please remember that we are not a replacement fo TM-X, we are an alternative site for track uploads and downloads.

  2. Scoobee2 says:

    A good idea from the guys at BCS, but the site wants alot of work to make it easily workable for the novice track buider.

    BCS are known to ban players from their servers for the slightest indiscretion, which in the past has included, Not speaking English while on their server, expressing a dislike for a track built by a team member and numerous other infractions.

    Thier newest scam is banning people then charging them 1000 coppers or or more to lift the ban, though i have yet to suffer this fate this is little more than extortion.

    With TMX down the BCS track scheme does warrant support fom the TMU community, but not before BCS get their act together and take on the true international flavour of TMU.

  3. Jozii says:

    I personally agree that people should stick to English when online, and of course all the general stuff about no bad language and such apply.

    But banning people for saying they dislike a track? That’s just not right!

    And I read about that penalty when on one of their servers lately: I think it’s just useless. I simply don’t see the point of it.

    So BCS, I didn’t know you were so harsh, but if you are, I agree with Scoobee2… get your act together!

  4. Scoobee2 says:

    The game though Jozil is International and not evey player speeks fluent english, if two players from Spain (for example) join the server they have a rght to talk to each other in their own language, do they not ? without risking alot of abuse from BCS memers and the rsk of getting kicked or banned.
    Most of the members of BCS are friendly and helpful and make it fun to play on thier server, but its the odd one or two that can spoil the rep of he whole team.
    There are loads of servers in TMU where international players will get warm welcome and not suffer abuse because of their nationality or the language they speek.

    BCS as a team have the potential to become a popular force in TMU they have some strong and skilled racers in the team, i will be good to see just how their community grows in the future….

  5. Jozii says:

    Actually, I have to agree with you on that too. English shouldn’t be forced on people, but sometimes I can’t help but think that some people, who actually do speak decent English, could try to use it a bit more instead of their own language who maybe just one other player on the server undestands.

  6. BCS[BigBazz] says:

    Hi Scoobee2 and Jozil,

    BCS lifted the language requirment from the server a week or two ago, as some of our members felt it could damage the reputaton of the team if we carried on with it.

    Im sure the Track sharing scheme will be updated in time and we hope hat it becomes as popular as TMX . (though we look forward to the return of TMX)

    We reserve the right to kick or ban players from our servers as we see fit, most are given fair warning before this happens and a chance to stop abusing other players or members if the player in questions ignores the warnings then they are kicked as a to show out intent and if they return as carry on the abuse then a ban is enforced.

    The 1000 copper fine to get a ban lifted is a new scheme we are trying, the coppers gained are used in little server competions like “500 coppers to the winner of this track” ect. plus the banned player has a chance to get the ban lifted and play again on possibly one of the most poular UK servers in TMU.

    So why not join us on our servers meet the team and maybe get a record . We look forward to seeing you there soon…

  7. BCS[Shaguar] says:

    Let me explain a few things about BCS before you all say stuff about us.

    The 1000 Copper Penalty is to stop OTHER teams recruiting for their OWN TEAMS in our servers. I personally think that if another team comes to our servers and recruits, its totally disrespectful to BCS. It”s like going to a Alfa Romeo car dealer and saying; I want a Porsche. Sell me one! It is totally out of order!!

    So why should we put up with other teams recruiting on our servers. Would you?

    YOU recruit for your team in our servers with any other server, they would ban you.
    We do not ban you completely, we ask you to admit your fault and pay us 1000 coppers then the ban is lifted, but if you recruit again we increase the copper fine to 5000 coppers and if you are seen again to be doing it, we will ban your whole team from BCS servers completely. It’s like your “parking fines.” You don’t pay them, the cost goes up… We are not doing anything different, other than protecting the team infrastructure and BCS community.

    We are trying to prevent other teams recruiting in our servers which we pay for to get more members and build a bigger and stronger community, if other teams are allowed to recruit in our servers for FREE then what is the point in BCS paying for such a good server? The answer is simple. BCS would close and you would not have a great gaming server for the UK community and the world.

    BCS is the busiest server in the UK and has been for 5-6 months. Please do not say to us “get your act together” When we already have our act together with an expansion of 4-5 servers for TMU coming very shortly.

    BCS is a friendly team who allow all drivers to speak any language in our servers.
    BCS is the number 1 server in the United Kingdom for traffic and bandwidth.
    BCS recruits members over the age of 17yrs of age, why?
    A. Because it costs £30 a year to be a member in the team!
    B. So that we can have proper servers that are managed by professionals.
    C. BCS has 4 Admins, a Leader, 46 members, 4 trialists and a Fan Club.

    BCS is an adult based gaming team and as such we search for adults only.
    BCS has put in place a “no swearing” policy in public servers for BCS.
    BCS has all members go on a trial period of 2 weeks B4 we make a decision.
    BCS new servers will include: Stadium , Rounds, Mini Trax, Mania (Multi Enviro) etc

    We reserve the right to kick or ban players from our servers as we see fit.
    If you use our servers. Then you run by our rules.

    Scoobee2 – Reference your comments – “Get our act together.” LMFAO.

  8. BCS[9Ball] says:

    Hi all,

    It looks like this banning thing has been blown out of proportion, sure there are some people who are banned/kicked from the server, but I have not seen it happen too much recently and when you consider the huge number of players involved it is only to be expected that there are some dissagreements.

    Come and join us on our servers. We really are a friendly bunch and make everyone very welcome.

    I think the track exchange program is a brilliant idea while TMX is down. Come on and up your tracks and see what else is on offer.

    See you all on the server – I hope! 😉

  9. BCS[CrazyHorse] says:

    OK, I have read all of the above with great interest, and as an admin of BCS (and often seen as a voice of reason!) I would like to reply.
    The comments made by Scoobee and Jozii are very valid and I thank them for them. However, unfortunately their information is just a little out of date. We have indeed identified that the language situation (i.e. insisting on English being spoken), was a) unworkable, b) will do more harm than good c) not really necessary. Therefore we now state that English is the preferred language of the server. In reality though you can type in whatever language you like.
    With regards to bans and fines, these are different. As BCS[Shaguar] stated, fines relate to recruiting on our server, something I am sure you will all agree is a complete no-no. Funnily enough, on at least one occaision this has been done in a foreign language – how’s that for irony!!! Bans are for other things, such as abusive people, serial voters etc. Now at the end of the day these people spoil the enjoyment for other racers, so if the server is monitored and these people are dealt with, does this not make our server a better place for everyone else? I think so, and that is why the numbers through are server are so great. If it was just a server with tracks, what would seperate it from everyone else?
    I indeed accept that in the past, we may have been a bit to quick to hand out bans, but I can assure you that now, this is the last resort and happens very infrequently. But when it does, it is so the enjoyment of our server is not spolit for you – the very welcome guest.

  10. BCS[BarneyBear] says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve read all the posts to date and there is little point in repeating what has all ready been said. BCS are a Superb TEAM to be a member of and one thing that does set them apart from the norm is that the admin’s have an open mind and will listen to suggestions/criticism and act on them.

    The track exchange is working well and i believe shows the commitment BCS have to the TMU community as a whole.

  11. BCS[Mikky] says:

    I echo all of the above statements.

    To make BCS a better place to race, we will shortly be expanding from our solitary Statium server into:

    a) Stadium Server
    b) Multi Environment Server
    c) Rounds Server
    d) LOL Tracks Server

    So, we are comitted to enhancing YOUR TMU racing experience, whatever kind of tracks you like.

    And remember – upload your tracks to the BCS Track Exchange – and let the WORLD see your work

  12. Jozii says:

    Forgive me if my information was incorrect, but I didn’t think any bad of BCS before reading Scoobee2’s posy, and even then, as I’ve said, I didn’t quite believe it. If what Scoobee2 said about too harsh bans is true, I agree that some BCS members might have to ease up a bit, but in general I know BCS is a highly respected team.

    Glad to see such a ast response from BCS mambers 😀

  13. BCS[CrazyHorse] says:

    Cheers Jozii. The banning thing and english thing has been addressed – just goes to show we do listen and act. BCS – always evolving!!!

  14. Scoobee2 says:

    Nice one guys, thanks for putting things into perspective a little better, i questioned the attitude of BCS with regaurds to language and abuse towards international players becaue of what ive seen while on the BCS server and whats been said about them on other servers i race on, but you seem to have addresed these issues well and have gotten your act together :P.

    Godd luck to all …

  15. BCS[Mikky] says:

    There’s only one thing worse then being talked about……

    NOT being talked about 🙂

  16. Some good comments peeps.
    Its nice to get some issues air’d and ironed out. Im sure we will continue to enjoy your company on our server but if you do have an issue then please post on the forum and we will do what we can to resolve any problems you may have.
    Have fun and see you on the track 😉

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