Article – Timing Events in MediaTracker, Part 3

Last week, an article taught you how to create smooth navigation tips – tips with a smooth direction indicator that sort of counts down from the best (fastest) route to the worst.

This week, it’s not going to be about actual “timing”, but it still brings yet another solution to the problem of telling the player where to go. This time, we will take advantage of the vertical dimension.

When a car gets airborne in TM United, it travels along a balistic curve. The higher the initial speed of the car, the higher the car gets and the further it flies along the curve before it hits the ground again.

This means that two cars with different speeds will travel through different space cubes – and since the space cubes are used to trigger MediaTracker clips, this can be used to launch different clips for cars of different speeds.

So, the third method that you can use to provide MT navigation for slow/fast cars is: let them pass through different heights during a jump or drop, and trigger different clips according to their flight-path.

This picture shows it very clearly:

Timing Events in MT, Part 3, Im 1

There are three flight-paths shown here, and possible triggering cubes for triggering the clips are colored similarly. As you can see, for a jump, you can choose to either use cubes positioned above one another or next to one another (vertical or horizontal neighbours), while for drops only the horizontal version usually works. Also, look at the way the yellow path goes through the horizontal triggering cubes – this illustrates a potential problem you may face: The car flies through a cube that is triggering one clip, but immediately afterward, it goes through another which activates different clip. Because of this, the events in the clip should be perhaps slightly delayed (0.2 second is usually enough) so that it doesn’t happen that something is shown on the screen and then replaced with something else as the car triggers two clips in succession.

The demo track not only shows this very well, but it’s also quite challenging and should provide ample opportunities for improving your time.

Because TMX is down, the track is now stored at a different website. It’s name is “Crucial Drifts”, as it forms a series with Crucial Skills and Crucial Twists. Download it here.

That is all there is to it for today. Next week, the serie will conclude with an article about correctly handling bi-directional sections of the track.


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