General stuff

My apologies for not having the time to post Alcator’s article today as promised. Expect it tomorrow instead 😉

The reason for this delay? I had a blast driving in real life at the skid-pan (dictionary translation of a Swedish word – I’m not sure if it’s the correct thing to say in this case, but basically it’s the slippery track you drive on to learn a thing or two about driving in poor conditions) 😀 One step closer to that driver’s licence…

Oh, and if it would be of anyone’s interest, I was THIS close to meeting Tonic_91 in Helsinki today 😛

While waiting for tomorrows article, I just started the 25th round of our lottery. Go play a round, it’s completely free 😀


5 Responses to General stuff

  1. Tonic_91 says:

    Yeah, well, maybe next year (we’ll come there again on the second year) 😛

  2. micster says:

    Aww, so close.

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    wow its so cool, meeting another tm m8 😉

  4. Jozii says:

    You’ve actually met one, TB? 😛

    Btw, I’m coming to Germany (Heide (read: Heidepark) to be exact) next summer. You wouldn’t by an chance be in the area, TB? 😛

  5. JumperJack says:

    lol, i’ve met some players in real life myself, but it might’ve helped that they’re your friends… ^^

    it’s my third week at the university right now, and beleive me, while looking at the laptopscreens of 300 men from the back of the collegeroom, i saw at least 5 screens with trackmania nations on!! ^^

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