Track Attack!

No, I’m not talking about that old TMX feature, but it is something TMX related. If you check old the old and dusty “Blog Files Box” to the right, you’ll see that there’s a new file added: “TMU Blog Track Collection“!

Track Download

Now that TMX is down, where do we get all of our tracks from? Well, for the time being, this 3.8 Mb Zip file might be the answer. It contains 177 tracks, all somehow related to the blog. Here’s the content in more detail:

  • Most reviewed tracks (not tracks reviewed by guest writers),
  • Most advertised tracks (again, not tracks advertised by guest writers),
  • All tracks listed in the TMX Track List,
  • The 50 first tracks from the “Underrated Authors” project (where people were asked to link to tracks they considered to be underrated at TMX),
  • Ans a few others that are somehow related to the blog…

Sounds good enough? You’ll find the file in the big blue box in the side bar 😉 Oh, and while we’re at it, don’t forget the “Blog Tracks” file also located in the file box!

Now let’s move on to a contest based on all this:


177 tracks is nothing compared to what TMX used to host. This contest might help to cover an additonal part of the gap. Here’s the deal:

  1. Create a Zip file of all the TMX tracks you have on your computer (yes, your own finished tracks may be added as well). Please try to make it TMX only, and not tracks downloaded from within the game. Name the file “TMX Tracks – ‘your name'”. Max size: 10 MB
  2. Send the file attached to or upload it somewhere and send the link (although an attachment is prefered). In the e-mail, state how many tracks the file contains.

Deadline: Saturday 22nd of September.

The winner of this contest will be the one sending a file with the most tracks in it. As many probably have the same tracks, only one file will be listed here at the blog. However, all who participate by sending a file win something:

  • 500 coppers for participating
  • 2500 coppers to the winner

So what are you waiting for? Gather up those tracks!

PS. Alcator’s article, usually published every Thuesday, will hopefully arrive tomorrow instead of today 😀

13 Responses to Track Attack!

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    so the contest is about how many tracks can you put in a 10mb zip ?

  2. Jozii says:

    Basically, yeah xD Well, perhaps contest isn’t the word for it, but it’s just a way to get as many tracks as possible in one file 😛 The copper prizes are just a bonues for the work 😀

  3. RKO90 says:

    Heh, nice idea 😀 Let’s try to collect more track as possible, so the topmaps can be back on TMX when it’s back… 🙂

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    all tmx tracks are allowed?

    jozii will you please fu**kin log in msn? xD

  5. djoszee says:

    this is kinda useless 😡

    I think it will cause people to upload tracks to tmx(once its back) whilst the authors are still around.

  6. Jozii says:

    TB, I can’t 😦 I’ll use web messenger later (not today though), but I’ll still be on less… E-mail me instead 😛

    Djoszee, why would it cause people to upload tracks to TMX whilst the authors are still around? What exactly do you even mean by that?

    And in the long run, this might be a bit useless, but it could still be a good way for people to get tracks while TMX is still offline.

  7. TimeBreaker says:

    emails suck 😦

    i thinlk this is totally useless if tmx gets on with the old tracks again
    i can play on servers too (and save the challenges if i want)

  8. TimeBreaker says:

    oh and im just interested in the coppers 😛

  9. djoszee says:

    ok, imagine tmx goes back up empty

    i have a track by authorX, and I think it’s so cool everyone should have it. I upload it under my own account, so everyone can get it again. When authorX wants to upload the track, he can’t because the file is already on tmx.

    But rumour has the database is going to be fully restored, so I see no problems. This is a good measure for people desperate for tracks 🙂

  10. Jozii says:

    I surely hope no one will upload someone elses track :O That would be like stealing!

  11. djoszee says:

    it could be ment as a friendly service towards others of course 🙂

  12. Jozii says:

    Only with the authors’ perission… Otherwise I wouldn’t call it very friendly even if the purpose is for others to play a good track P

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