Track Review – Twister 2


  • Track: Twister 2 (direct download)
  • Author: Rycardoo
  • Type: Race
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Length: 1 min 15 sec
  • Mood: Night
  • Coppers: 6435
  • Difficulty: Reveiws - Yellow Average
  • TMX Awards: 5Award
  • Award Level: Review - Green Suitable
  • Custom Content: Music (Twister – Remix), signs, sounds, images, mod (Twister)

Twister 2

First Impression

Quote from the author comments: “Track based on the film Twister, I tried to demonstrate the danger and the horrible vision of a twister.” This is TrackMania. Authors attempting to make the game into what it’s not usually fail.

After having played the track once, my feelings are mixed – it looks like a decent track, but are all these MT effects really necessary?


Track Design

OK, so I admit it, the effects are cool. But, at the same time, they do ruin the track.

The track itself is not bad, but with quite a few things I consider average or even poor. The start is good (technical and a challenging jump), there’s some nice loops (and a corkscrew), good turns and nice off-roading. While the track is fairly challenging, this is mainly because there are tons of reverse boosters and destructive MT effects which makes the track harder to complete without crashing. In other words, the challenge is based on all the wrong things.

Oh, and the track is in theory full speed, but due to the many reversed boosters that hardly counts for much.

Rating: 66%


There isn’t much of actual scenery, but the included mod adds a bit of refreshment. Then again, even the mod is only decent and not that good, and at least I experience some graphical flaws (such as the edge of the road disappearing), probably due to the mod, and that’s certainly not a plus.

Rating: 57%


Intro: Cool Twister feeling and a quick overview of the track. The intro is the best thing of the track!

In-game: Interesting weather effects and sounds, but as I’ve said already, they do more harm than good. But, if you want a reason to play this track, the MT effects are it. Also, the camera changes in loops are calculated for full speed and won’t work if you slow down even the slightest.

Outro: Decent effects, poor camera angles.

The effects are nice throughout the MT work, but at least the in-game part only does harm. I would have prefered seeing the track without these special effects and just regular camera angles instead.

Rating: 62%


The MT effects and the overall idea adds to the originality. While the track itself isn’t much original, as I said before it’s the MT effects that should, if anything, be the reason for playing the track at all.

Rating: 56%

Fun Factor

Fairly entertaining design with room for improving your time. You may find some joy in the effects as well, but this is something I personally won’t return to. Why? The effects ruin the entire track!

Rating: 53%


A good track that is ruined by what doesn’t belong in the game. It’s saved by the design and the effects might be worth taking a look at, but in the long run they just ruin the rest of it. The included mod doesn’t help much either.

Final Rating: 59% Star (Average)


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Video by Alcator. Driver: Rycardoo.


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4 Responses to Track Review – Twister 2

  1. rycardoo says:

    Good I find that it did not wait this result of review, but thanks for everything and I know that some day I can improve and know that I do not give up thus. The important one and to try and to conquer the joy of each player.
    Thanks all.

  2. alcator says:

    Are you sure the locators work for you, rycardoo? Because I do have a fast connection, and nothing loaded in 5 minutes… Also, you place the effects too aggresively over the player’s view, so just imagine how it would play on-line, if some of the people didn’t have the mediapack – right after start, their vision is obscurred by something big and they crash. Very effective way of alienating people.

  3. rycardoo says:

    Yes you are correct but this is not for on line therefore images of great and makes it difficult the vision exactly.
    This was my error.

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