Review Highlights – August

Each month, a summary post of all reviews written during the past month is published. Here’s the Review Highlights for August 😀

At first, let me point out though that the images used in this post are quite horrible. That’s because I’m not able to do anything better 😛 Thus, I’ll ask for YOUR help: If you are able to, please make an award icon for “Best of the Month“, Excellent Track” and “Tag Award“. If you wish, feel free to make up additional awards as well. The images should have the size 70×70. E-mail your icons to If several people do this, the best one will be selected 😉 Oh, and the creator of the icons we’ll use in the future will receive 1000 coppers!

Anyway, here we go:


Since the new Track Review system was taken in use half way through the month, August is a bit short of tracks qualifying for these highlights – only four tracks in total, to be exact. However, all of these tracks represent what good tracks are all about and none of them received a poor rating.

Ratings ranged from 69 to 82 which is quite decent. Additionally, we took good use of all the new (and old) “Tags”. Especially the “Underrated” tag was used a lot (three out of the four tracks were marked as “underrated”, meaning they have too few awards at TMX). In othe words, you are encouraged to award these tracks 😀

Now lets move on to our own awards:


Every month, awards are handed out to the best tracks of the month. This includesthe highest rated track as well as all other tracks receiving a rating of 80+. As there were only four reviewed tracks this month, we’re not able to hand out that many awards, but at least some are given:

Best of the Month AwardBest of the Month

Faithful² (Island) – 82%

Tag AwardMost Tags

~Welsh-Dragons~ (Rally) – Two tags: Tag - TimeAttack Time, Tag - Underrated Underrated

Tag AwardMost Tags

Apocalypto (Alpine) – Two tags: Tag - Challenging Time, Tag - Underrated Underrated

Additonally, we have the “Excellent Track Award”, but no tracks received it this month.

Excellent Track Award

Complete List

Here’s a list of all tracks reviewed during the past month:

  1. August 31, -07 StarStarStar Blue Light (Bay) – 79% Tag - Underrated Underrated
  2. August 26, -07 StarStarStar ~Welsh-Dragons~ (Rally) – 70% Tag - TimeAttack Time, Tag - Underrated Underrated
  3. August 23, -07 StarStar Apocalypto (Alpine) – 69% Tag - Challenging, Challenging, Tag - Underrated Underrated
  4. August 20, -07 StarStarStarStar Faithful² (Island) – 82% Tag - MT MediaTracker

2 Responses to Review Highlights – August

  1. alcator says:

    I suggest the awards to look like car wheels (at an angle, i.e. a bit taller than they are wide), with silver/gold “disks” (the metallic things in the middle).

  2. Jozii says:

    Sounds cool 😛 I’ve already received some suggestions, some a lot better than others, but the wheel idea sounds great, so if someone could give it a try that would be awesome!

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