Article – All About Clans

Written by DABH (who is covering for what usually is Alcator’s article day) 😉


In playing TMU, you may have heard of a thing called a clan (aka. a team). A clan is essentially a team or club which, in the case of TMU, is for racers. In this article, I’ll discuss all the advantages of being in a clan, how to find/join a clan, and more – keep reading!

Joining a Clan

The first and most important topic about clans is how to join them. If you can’t join a clan, after all, you can’t get any of the cool benefits! Each clan has it’s own method of accepting new users. Some have sign-up forms which after submitting, you’re automatically in the clan. Others have tryouts (much like a real sports team) which you have to pass in order to join. Finally, some elite clans are invite-only.

Clan Tags

Once you join a clan, you typically are required to add a clan tag in front of your nickname. A clan tag is an abbreviation (often of the clan name) that shows you’re a member of a clan. For example, if you were a member of the ExampleRacers clan, and your current nickname was Hi, your nickname with your clan tag in front of it might look something like ER>Hi. Clan tags usually include a character to separate the tag from the nickname (in this case, it was a >).

Why You Should Join a Clan

There are many reasons you should join a clan. First of all, if you know the clan you’re joining has a lot of the best racers in it, then by joining the clan other people will assume you are a good racer, too (even if you might not be)! Aside from the bragging part, though, clans often have fun events such as tournaments and clan Vs. clan battles. Also, clans are a great way to make friends – just like in the real world, TMU players can have a special relationship with fellow teammates and support and race with each other.

Finding a Clan to Join

Have you been convinced to join a clan yet? Well then you definitely need a clan to join! Finding clans is a fairly easy task. Many clans advertise on various TMU-related sites. Aside from ads, though, two good places to hunt for clans is under the “Teams” ManiaLink home category (or just navigate to the manialink:teams ManiaLink) and the TM-Sites Teams page (which is considerably larger).

Using TMU Groups with Clans

The innovative TMU Group system (look under the Profile menu) provides a way for friends or groups to have a separate ranking amongst themselves in Solo mode by toggling the zone button, which defaults as “World”. Clans can take advantage of this feature to. It only costs a few coppers to create or join a group, and the added fun and competition is well worth the fee, especially in larger clans!


Clans are fun feature in TMU that allows players to connect and race as a team. There are various methods to find and join the perfect clan, as well as many different things to do once you’ve joined one. Clan tags add a fun way to show off some clan pride (or simply make your nickname look cooler). If you are looking for some added competition, you can participate in clan battles and tournaments, some of which offer coppers for prizes. You can also start clan groups in TMU for fun ways to compare rankings. All in all, clans are a great feature for TMU, and any other games. Clans enhance gaming, communicating, and having fun!


One Response to Article – All About Clans

  1. alcator says:

    I’d add to this a little bit:

    Those racers who are members of some team can still race in solo mode or in free for all multiplayer — but racers WITHOUT a team are sometimes not allowed to certain activities, such as team vs. team battles.

    Also, being a team member gives you (to some extent) the right to request feedback, testing, or collaboration, such as in trackmaking — when one of ATP members (which I’m part of) makes a track, he can safely ask me or other member to test the track and provide feedback, and it’s sort of my honorable duty to do so. However, this is only expectable if the team is a trackbuilding one; there are racing-only clans out there and it’s up to them to define their collaboration and support rules.

    DABH didn’t mention that some teams produce community (team) tracks, and once again – unless you are a member, you can’t participate. So if you are a lot into trackmaking (like me), being a clan member is definitely a big plus, because nothing improves your building skills more than trying to add a great 12 to 15 seconds section to what was already built by others. 🙂

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